Lonesome Dove Gunfight Challenge

How well do you know your Lonesome Dove? This is a quiz to prove your know-how.

Question 1

What's the name of Gus and Woodrow's livery in the small town of Lonesome Dove?

Question 2

Blue Duck said, "I ain't got time to waste on killin' some old Ranger with holes in his underwear. There's plenty more need killin'." What tribe is he from?

Question 3

Whose house are Gus and Newt standing in front of?

Question 4

Finish this sentence by Gus McCrae: "What's good for me might not be good for the ____________."

Question 5

What does Clara name Elmira Johnson's abandoned baby boy?

Question 6

What was the last thing Jake Spoon said before he kicked his horse out from under himself when he was hung by his friends?

Question 7

Gus McCrae was married twice. Who SHOULD he have made his third wife, had he lived?

Question 8

Maggie Tilton was Newt's mother. What was her occupation?

Question 9

Deets, played by Danny Glover, was an ex slave and __________.

Question 10

Who is Gus talking to when he says, "Well the first man comes along that can read Latin is welcome to rob us, far as I'm concerned. I'd like a chance t' shoot at a educated man once in my life."

Question 11

Which one of these Texas Rangers is Newt's biological father, even though he's hesitant to admit it?

Question 12

When Gus was dying in bed, what were his final words to Woodrow?

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