Look Who's Talking Too

Like Mikey and Julie in Look Who's Talking Too? See how well you pay attention to detail.

Question 1

Mikey was played by little Lorne Sussman. Julie had three tiny actresses play her part from birth. Who played Julie throughout most of the movie?

Question 2

Eddie is Mikey's main man. Who plays the little tyke's voice?

Question 3

Mikey is afraid of one thing. Something scarier than the boogey man in his closet. What could be so scary for him?

Question 4

Mikey sure looks different in Look Who's Talking Too than he did in the first movie. What was the name of the little boy or boys who played toddler Mikey in the first Look Who's Talking?

Question 5

Lorne plays a toddler Mikey. But really, how old is Lorne Sussman during the movie?

Question 6

When Molly tells Mikey that he's getting a little sister, Mikey is ecstatic. Where does he think think his little sister comes from?

Question 7

Molly wants James to explain to Mikey the difference between boys and girls but he refuses. So Molly shows him pictures of men and women in a magazine. So far, Mikey has got the right answers. But which person in the book confuses him?

Question 8

With Julie's birth, things in Mikey's family seem to be going great...until mommy and daddy have a big fight. What big fight causes daddy to move out?

Question 9

Eddie is Mikey's best friend and is always giving him advice. Who plays Eddie in the movie?

Question 10

In the end, Mikey makes peace with his baby sister, Julie. What great incident causes them to become closer?

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