Madonna in Movies

Though her fame is in music, Madonna's first ambition was to be an actress. Name the following that Madonna has been involved with on the silver screen

Question 1

What nickname was bestowed to Madonna's character(Mae) in the movie A League Of Their Own?

Question 2

What song is played in the beginning of the movie "Who's that girl?" starring Madonna

Question 3

True or False: Reservoir Dogs: Madonna was very upset at Tarrantino after watching this movie, that she immediatley contacted her lawyer and pressed charges. Because the song, 'like a virgin' was never actually played during the movie, Madonna had no stand, and the case was dismissed.

Question 4

What movie is this picture of Madonna from?

Question 5

What film did Madonna star in in 1985 with Rosanna Arquette?

Question 6

Which of the following is NOT a movie that Madonna has appeared in (as an actress)?

Question 7

Another of Madonna's crimes against celluloid, this 1993 "erotic" thriller also starred Willem Dafoe, Joe Mantegna and Anne Archer. Name the film.

Question 8

True or False: Madonna received an Academy Award nomination for her performance in "Evita."

Question 9

In the 1995 film, Four Rooms, four different directors each filmed a story pertaining to four rooms in a hotel. Which director did NOT contribute to the film?

Question 10

What movie did Madonna make with her then-husband Sean Penn?

Question 11

Madonna acted as a fencing instructor in which movie?

Question 12

In the 1992 film, "Batman Returns", this actress was actually up for the part of Catwoman before it went to Michelle Pfeiffer.

Question 13

Footloose lore has it that _______ auditioned for the part that ultimately went to Lori Singer.

Question 14

Guy Ritchie's flick "Snatch" co-stars Madonna

Question 15

What movie is this from?

Question 16

Name that movie!

Question 17

What movie that Madonna was in inspired her to cut a whole record?

Question 18

The song 'Sooner Or Later (I Always Get My Man)' won an Oscar in 1990. The song is from what movie?

Question 19

In Desperately Seeking Susan, which rock star does Susan claim her jacket used to belong to?

Question 20

In the movie Desperately Seeking Susan, what is on the back of Susan's jacket?

Question 21

Which of the following movies has Madonna NOT provided at least one song to the soundtrack for?

Question 22

the madonna song crazy for you featured in the film 13 going on 30, but parts of a film from the 80's apeear in the crazy for you music video. which film is it?

Question 23

***What Was The US Title For In Bed With Madonna***

Question 24

Which Madonna song was in the movie "With Honors"

Question 25

Which of these movies was Madonna NOT considered for?

Question 26

What guy does Brad Pitt and Madonna have in common?

Question 27

This is from which 2002' Madonna film? (major flop)

Question 28

***Who`s Voice Was Use For The Princess Selenia In Arthur And The Invisibles***

Question 29

Madonna didn't play a role in..

Question 30

How many movies has Madonna been in?

Question 31

Where did actor Sean Penn meet his wife to be, Madonna?

Question 32

who payed madonna $10,000 to be in her music video Mr DJ?

Question 33

What does Madonna play in Four Rooms?

Question 34

which singers are starring in arthur and the invinsibles?

Question 35

How much was Madonna paid for her performance as Breathless Mahoney in "Dick Tracy"??

Question 36

Madonna was a high school cheer leader ?

Question 37

Madonna first appeared on the big screen in what movie ?

Question 38

What song is being discussed during the first scene in Reservior Dogs?

Question 39

Which Movie Did Madonna Star With Michael Vartan And Rupert Everett?

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