Find out how much you know about the Mafia movies you've watched through the years.

Question 1

What is the Name of Robert Duvall's character in Godfather?

Question 2

Who was the director of Goodfellas?

Question 3

What was the name of the big boss in Goodfellas?

Question 4

What is his real name?

Question 5

James Woods appears in which one of these movies?

Question 6

Who plays the charecter of Sonny LoSpecchio in the movie A Bronx Tale?

Question 7

Silvester Stallone is the Mafia boss in which of the following movies?

Question 8

What is the nickname of Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction?

Question 9

Who wrote and directed Pulp Fiction?

Question 10

Who plays the charecter of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction?

Question 11

Who plays his brother Vic Vega (Mr Blode) in Reservoir Dogs?

Question 12

Which actor portrays Joseph Pistone in Donnie Brasco?

Question 13

Which 1980's Mafia TV series was entirely directed by Michael Mann?

Question 14

Who portrays Mafia loan shark Ray 'Bones' Barboni in Get Shorty?

Question 15

Which one of these actors has portrayed Mafia Boss John Gotti in a movie?

Question 16

Christian Slater portrayed Charlie "Lucky" Luciano in which movie?

Question 17

In the movie Bugsy who portrays the charecter of Ben Siegel?

Question 18

Which one of these actor's is featured in the movie Miller's Crossing?

Question 19

Who portrays Al Capone in the movie The Untouchables?

Question 20

Who portrayed the original Eliott Ness in the 1950's TV series The Untouchables?

Question 21

Who played Nitti in the 1988 movie Frank Nitti the Enforcer?

Question 22

Who was Married to the Mob?

Question 23

Which movie is about Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano who helped put Gotti in jail?

Question 24

What Mafia movie did the real "Raging Bull" Jake Lamotta play New York mobster Don Ricci?

Question 25

Which one of the following actors were featured in Godfather Part 3?

Question 26

Who is the lead actress in the movie Casino?

Question 27

Who plays Toni Soprano in the Sopranos TV series?

Question 28

What Country did Tony Montana come from?

Question 29

In the movie 8 Heads in a Duffle Bag what is Joe Pesci's charecter's name?

Question 30

What movie featured Robert Deniro and Billy Crystal?

Question 31

Who sang in a private concert for Billy Crystal's charecter at the end of the movie?

Question 32

Who wrote the novel and the script for the movie Godfather?

Question 33

Who was the wedding singer and Don Corleone's godson Johnny Fontane in Godfather?

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