Malcolm X: The Most Comprehensive Movie Quiz

In honor of Black History Month, I made the most comprehensive quiz ever for only the first 30 minutes of the film. How well do you know the film??

Question 1

What is the name of the production company started by the director of "Malcolm X", Spike Lee??

Question 2

Denzel Washington did not win an Oscar for his portrayal of Malcolm X, even though he should have. What movie did he win the Best Actor Oscar for??

Question 3

Spike Lee and Denzel Washington have worked together on many projects. Which of these isn't one of them??

Question 4

What are the first words you hear Denzel Washington say as Malcolm X in the opening titles??

Question 5

Who wrote the autobiography the movie "Malcolm X" is based on??

Question 6

What city does the movie start in??

Question 7

What is the name of the train depot seen in the first frames of the film??

Question 8

What is the name of the department store seen in the first scene of the film??

Question 9

What do we see Spike Lee doing in the first scene of the movie??

Question 10

Where does Spike Lee go which is where we first see Denzel in the movie?? Hint: Spike Lee's character works there.

Question 11

What color is the door that Denzel walks out of when we see him for the first time in the film??

Question 12

According to Malcolm X, the Klu Klux Klan killed his father. How does it show him being killed in the movie??

Question 13

Malcolm X had 6 uncles. According to the movie, how many of them were killed by the white man??

Question 14

In the movie, Malcolm X meets a white woman named Sophia who he dates for awhile. They meet at a dance at the Roseland. What color is the dress she's wearing when they meet??

Question 15

In the movie, after meeting at the dance, Sophia and Malcolm end up making out. Where??

Question 16

When Sophia and Malcolm are making out for the first time, what does Malcolm say to her??

Question 17

What does Malcolm make Sophia do when they are alone in the bedroom together??

Question 18

Malcolm is seeing a black woman named Laura at the same time he is seeing the white woman named Sophia. Where does Laura want to lose her virginity.

Question 19

What was the name of the woman Malcolm X was made to go live with when his family was split up by the state, according to the movie??

Question 20

While attending a predominately white school as a child, Malcolm X says he was called names so much, he was kind of like a mascot. What kind of animal does he say he is like??

Question 21

While working on a train as a part-time job, Malcolm X served food and drinks in the snack car. What did a white man order from him in that scene in the movie??

Question 22

The first time Malcolm visits Harlem, what color is the hat he's wearing in the film??

Question 23

What is happening in Harlem when Malcolm X arrives there, according to the film??

Question 24

Bonus Question: What's the name of the place where Malcolm X was assassinated??

Question 25

Bonus Question: Which real life person does NOT appear in the movie at some point??

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