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Question 1

In which movie did brendon fraser play a comic writer in a coma?

Question 2

In what movie does Brendon Fraser battle to put the mummy, Imhotept, back in his coffin?

Question 3

Who Is This Actor?

Question 4

Out of these actors who has a twin brother?

Question 5

In The Mummy, what was Brendon Fraser's character called?

Question 6

What is the name of the movie that Brendon Fraiser and Elizabeth Hurley stared in together

Question 7

In Highlander,back in 1518 the clan McCleod is in conflict/battle with which rival Clan?

Question 8

The following actors are all canadian? Donald Sutherland, Brenden Fraser, Jim Carrey, Eugene Levy & Keanu Reeves

Question 9

Which movie did Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi star in?

Question 10

What movie has actors Brendan Fraser and Matt Dillon?

Question 11

This actor was on "King of the Hill" a few times as different characters. Who is he?

Question 12

Name the actor by the roles he has played Rick O'Connell Elliot George Adam Stu Miley Dudley Do-Right Cazz

Question 13

"Looney Tunes- Back in Action"-2003. This still shows Brendan Fraser Steve Martin.

Question 14

Brendan Fraser played no DUMMY in this movie.

Question 15

He star's in the movie George of the Jungle

Question 16


Question 17

T - e M - m - y (1999) *Hint: Brendan Fraser

Question 18


Question 19

This actor was supposed to voice the character Steele in the Universal animated feature Balto. He had even recorded lines of dialogue before they were discarded and veteran voice actor Jim Cummings was hired. Since then, the only time this actor lent his voice to a major motion picture was that of the Tasmanian Devil in Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Who is he?

Question 20

In the movie, what year was Brendan Fraser fighting another army for Hamunaptra in The Mummy?

Question 21

Which actor plays a caveman in Encino Man?

Question 22

This Blast from the Past cut his School Ties and 'weased the juice' with Pauly Shore but still ended up With Honors.

Question 23

Which movie was Brendan Fraser NOT in?

Question 24

What movie starred Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, and Adam Sandler as rockers?

Question 25

In wich movie plays Brendan Fraser, Ryan Phillipe and Matt Dillon together?

Question 26

_edazzled C_ash Th_ Mummy Mo_keybone Du_ley Do-Right Bl_st from the Past E_cino Man George o_ the Jungle With Hono_s Glory D_ze Mr_ Winterbourne Now and Th_n Ai_heads

Question 27

What actor played Rick O'Connel in the 1994 film "The Mummy"?

Question 28

What film remake starred Brendan Fraser and Liz Hurley?

Question 29

Who's celebrity eyes are these?

Question 30

I was a jew in School Ties, I was an airhead and I was blast from the past... Who I am???

Question 31

Brendan Fraser , Bridget Fonda , Chris Kattan and Whoopi Goldberg play in what movie ?

Question 32

In what movie did Brendan Fraser refer to his choice of clothing as a "butt-flap"?

Question 33

What film did Brandon Fraser appear in ?

Question 34

what does brenden fraser play in the movie encino man

Question 35

Elizabeth Hurley and Brendan Fraser are shown here in what 2000 movie?

Question 36

Which actor played George in 'George of the Jungle'?

Question 37

<b><p style="color:orange"> Who is this? </p></b>

Question 38

Who played "Encino Man"?

Question 39

Who portrays DJ Drake in Looney Tunes Back In Action ?

Question 40

name the movie which both brenden fraser and alicia sliverstone play in

Question 41

Who portrayed Rick O'Connell in The Mummy ?

Question 42

Which movie stars all of the following Brendan Fraser Bridget Fonda Rose McGowan Whoopi Goldberg

Question 43

In the movie 'Bedazzled' how many wishes does Elizabeth Hurley give to Brendan Fraser?

Question 44

Brendan Fraser plays a klutzy and lovable jungle man in what movie?

Question 45

In what movie does Alicia silverstone and brendan fraser star together in?

Question 46

Nona Gaye and Brendan Fraser in which Lions Gate 2005 Film?

Question 47

I wrap barbed wire around my torso and attempt to steal Ashley Judd away from Viggo Mortenson! I am:

Question 48

who has been the king of the jungle and the enemy of mummies?

Question 49

Name The Actor From The Following Movies: Mrs. Winterbourne George Of The Jungle Dudley Do Right Gods And Monsters The Mummy Returns School Ties Looney Tunes Back In Action The Movie

Question 50

Who are the main actors of the two "Predator" movies ?

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