Meet the Fockers

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Question 1

name the sequel to the movie meet the parents

Question 2

What was the Fockers' family dog named in Meet the Fockers?

Question 3

What is Greg Fockers ( Ben Stiller) real name in Meet the Fockers?

Question 4

In the movie Meet the Fockers what actor was a retired C.I.A. person?

Question 5

in the movie " meet the fockers " what is the name of the family cat?

Question 6

"Meet the Fockers" was a sequal to which movie?

Question 7

In Meet the fockers the babys nickname in LJ. But what does this stand for

Question 8

What was the name of Barbara Streisand's character in 'Meet The Fockers'?

Question 9

In the movie Meet the fockers what actor plays Gregs dad?

Question 10

In the movie Meet the Fockers, what did everyone know except for Jack?

Question 11

What does Jack gives Gaylord on the movie meet the fockers to know the truth.

Question 12

Who married Greg Focker in the film Meet the Fockers?

Question 13

in meet the fockers, what did mini jack say to gaylord? ***

Question 14

In Meet The Fockers, what was Bernie's job while Greg was growing up?

Question 15

in Meet the Fockers, Moses and Mr. Jynx are...

Question 16

In Meet The Fockers, What Is Dustin Hoffman's Character called?

Question 17

***In the Movie MEET THE FOCKERS*** **How do the Byrnes Family Travel to Florida**

Question 18

In meet the fockers what is the name of the sex therapist?

Question 19

In the opening scene To Meet The Fockers, What Song Is Playing?

Question 20

In Meet the Fockers, who gets tazered by the policeman on the side of the road?

Question 21

Which actor plays Jack Burns in meet the Fockers?

Question 22

Who PLayed GayLord In Meet The Fockers

Question 23

What was the boys mother obsessed with in meet the fockers ?

Question 24

***Where Do Greg's Parents Live in Meet The Fockers***

Question 25

In meet the fockers, What word does greg accidently teach Little Jack

Question 26

in meet the fockers what flim is little jack watching while he has a drink???

Question 27

What is the saying Gaylord's father uses for the bathroom in Meet the Fockers

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