Movie synopsis quiz

Figure out which movie is being described from reading a brief synopsis of that film. (warning: accompanying pictures will not always match the answers, but might provide a clue)

Question 1

A boy's best friend is his mother, or rather, sometimes he is his mother. Shower, anyone?

Question 2

George and Martha's "son" will be coming home for his 16th birthday, after a night of drinking and mindgames with a biology professor and his slim-hipped wife. Did I mention "Hump the Hostess"?

Question 3

A blind woman is trapped in her apartment with a psychotic criminal. Turn out all the lights and don't strike that match!

Question 4

Call me an upstart will ya? This means war!

Question 5

What do you do when your crazy sister-in-law comes for a visit? Have your way with her and then ship her off to an asylum.

Question 6

After I "execute" the second filthiest people in the world, it's off to Boise. But first a little snack, here puppy.....

Question 7

It's 1927, "The Jazz Singer" is a big hit, and Hollywood is doing more talking pictures. Now, how do we save our next film when your co-star has an annoying high-pitched voice? I know, I'll dub my girlfriend's voice in it...

Question 8

Get off the phone dammit! I'm waiting for a call from my current "boyfriend" (who is also the guy that hogs the phone all day). I'll just decorate his apartment in the tackiest way for revenge....

Question 9

I'll always love you...Now get on that plane to Lisbon with your husband so that I can shoot a Nazi officer and have my friend round up the usual suspects.

Question 10

My boss is using my place for a tryst with the elevator girl I'm sweet on, but that's OK, I'll just keep getting those promotions...that's the way it crumbles, cookiewise.

Question 11

A former child star lush really knows how to torment her more famous wheelchair bound the way, we have rats in the cellar.

Question 12

After a few flings with a cougar, go ahead and date her daughter(much to her chagrin). But, there is one word that you should remember....Plastics!

Question 13

Oh dear, we gotta deal with Erich VonZipper and his Rats.... But that's OK, the Professor will show us how to freeze those guys with the use of just one finger...and then we'll go have a wild time on the shore(once Big Daddy gives the word)!

Question 14

Pills, booze, pills, booze, pills....Hey! I gotta be on the set at 5 AM....Sparkle!

Question 15

I don't love my husband, even though we're on our honeymoon, so my lover is gonna kill him for me...wait a minute, what are you doing here....I thought you were dead...what are you doing.....No! Don't choke me!AHHHHHHHHHHGHH!

Question 16

I gotta fly this plane from Hawaii to San Francisco, I don't know if we're going to make it though, so everyone, throw out the luggage!

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