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can you name all of these movie super heroes?

Question 1

which 2 super heroes is in this picture

Question 2

From the picture below which is this cartoon network show

Question 3

Which one out of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy introduces tree beard?

Question 4

Which one of these films do not starr eddie murphy?

Question 5

which one of these is not a disney cartoon?

Question 6

In simpsons what is homers favourite beer?

Question 7

what do the animals in junglle book call mowgli?

Question 8

who plays wolverine in x-men the last stand?

Question 9

which one of these disney pixar films involves a small robot?

Question 10

which one of these is a pixar movie?

Question 11

which one of these is not a disney channel show?

Question 12

what is the name of the city the simpsons family live in?

Question 13

what is the name of the smart chipmunk of alvin and the chipmunks

Question 14

in which one of the lord of the rings movies does gandalf return from the dead?

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