Name the famous animal

If you like animals and like films then this is the perfect quiz for you!!!

Question 1

1: What is the name of this famous frog?

Question 2

2: Who is this famous dancing dog?

Question 3

3: What animal is this Thundercat foe?

Question 4

4: What type of animal with Sid in Ice Age?

Question 5

5: Who is this famous 'true story' lion?

Question 6

6: Who is this elephant hero?

Question 7

7: Who is this horse?

Question 8

8: What is the name of the Orang Utan in 'Any Which Way but Loose'?

Question 9

9: What was the name of this very large dog that starred alongside Tom Hanks in the hit 80's comedy?

Question 10

10: These are the vultures from the Jungle Book, but do you know what band they were based on?

Question 11

11: What animal is Monstro in Pinocchio?

Question 12

12: What animals spread the Mummy's revenge in the hit movie, 'The Mummy'?

Question 13

13: What type of animal are these two dim-witted characters in Brother Bear?

Question 14

14: Who is this tear-jerking dog friend?

Question 15

15: What type of fish is this character? (Hint...its also his name in the movie)

Question 16

16: Once inside the Labyrinth, what was the first creature that she saw on her way?

Question 17

17: What animal was Tristen turned into to hitch a ride with the wicked witch in Stardust?

Question 18

18: What is the name of this heroic wolf?

Question 19

19: What is the name of this bear?

Question 20

20: What is the name of this hyper-active animal from Over the Hedge?

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