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Question 1

What is the last name of the family?

Question 2

What amusement park was the family going to on their vacation?

Question 3

What is name of the cousin in the movie that always seems to borrow money and cause trouble?

Question 4

Aunt Edna passed on to her eternal resting place during the movie. Where did they put her until they got to Phoenix?

Question 5

What famous landmark do the Griswold's visit?

Question 6

What is the name of Audrey's boyfriend, whom she leaves behind in America when her family travels to Europe?

Question 7

Which famous landmark does Clark knock over with the car as they are leaving?

Question 8

What is the name of the game show on which the Griswolds appear to win their European vacation?

Question 9

In which country does Clark set out to visit family relatives?

Question 10

What did Clark want to buy if he got a large Christmas bonus?

Question 11

What happens to the Christmas turkey when Eddie's wife cooks it?

Question 12

When Clark's neighbor asks him where he could put a Christmas tree so big what did he say?

Question 13

What animal does Aunt Bethany wrap up, and give as a present?

Question 14

What did Eddie do to the sewer under Clark's house?

Question 15

Who yelled at the boss and said that he was cheap and he should've given the usual large bonus?

Question 16

What famous duo did Clark help out during their show?

Question 17

What game at the casino tables does Clark constantly lose at, plus he had a really snotty dealer?

Question 18

When the family was visiting The Hoover Dam, what family member got lost and almost fell in?

Question 19

Wayne Newton invites Ellen to eat at his place. What kind of food does he prepare?

Question 20

How many cars does Russ win on his winning streak?

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