National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

The BEST Christmas movie EVER.

Question 1

Where are the Griswold's going?

Question 2

In an attempt to pass a pickup truck, Clark Griswold somehow managed to swerve his car underneath a ______ ?

Question 3

After finding the perfect tree, what did Rusty ask Clark?

Question 4

What is Clark doing?

Question 5

Why are the pages of the magazine sticking to Clark's fingers?

Question 6

What Christmas classic is Rusty watching?

Question 7

Who's at the door?

Question 8

What does Grandma Nora offer Rusty and Audrey each 25 cents to do?

Question 9

What is Ellen's mother telling her?

Question 10

What are Art and Clark Sr. fighting about?

Question 11

Who are these folks?

Question 12

What did Clark accidentally do while putting up the Christmas lights on the house?

Question 13

What did Clark find in the attic while hiding Christmas presents?

Question 14

What is Clark doing here?

Question 15

How many individual lights did Clark put on the house?

Question 16

Who shows up at the Griswold house unannounced?

Question 17

What's the name of cousin Eddie's dog?

Question 18

Who is this?

Question 19

What is Clark doing with his Christmas bonus?

Question 20

What's Cousin Eddie doing?

Question 21

What is Clark rubbing onto his snow saucer to make it go faster?

Question 22

Clarks reckless ride on his snow saucer finally ends when he runs into the Christmas drop-off box in the parking lot of which large chain store?

Question 23

Who is this?

Question 24

Who is this?

Question 25

What did Aunt Bethany think she did?

Question 26

What did Aunt Bethany accidentally wrap in this present?

Question 27

What did Aunt Bethany accidentally wrap in this present?

Question 28

Clark asks Aunt Bethany to say Grace in recognition of her ______ ?

Question 29

What part of the turkey does Cousin Eddie ask Clark for?

Question 30

What happened to the turkey?

Question 31

What was in Aunt Bethany's jello mold?

Question 32

What are these the remains of?

Question 33

What happened to the Griswold's Christmas tree?

Question 34

What is Clark looking at?

Question 35

What did Clark get for his Christmas bonus?

Question 36

Why is Clark looking into the interior of the replacement Christmas tree? Remember, the old tree burned down.

Question 37

What was in the replacement Christmas tree?

Question 38

Why is Clark so happy?

Question 39

What caused the explosion near the end of the movie?

Question 40

What song does everyone sing at the end of the movie?

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