Norbit the fat one it never ends at least 100 questions are on it

Question 1

In the movie Norbit, what was the name of the girl Norbit fell in love with?

Question 2

who palyed Norbit in the movie Norbit?

Question 3

In the movie Norbit what is the name of the dog Norbit is constantly talking to.

Question 4

Who plays the character of Norbit in the movie Norbit?

Question 5

Eddie Murphy has played the role of Norbit in the movie Norbit?

Question 6

In the movie Norbit. where do Norbit and his girlfrind get married and what do they use for rings??

Question 7

In the movie Norbit, what does Rasputia keep calling Norbit?

Question 8

What is unique about the orphanage that Norbit grows up in, from the movie Norbit?

Question 9

what was the name of norbit (in the movie norbit)childhood sweatheart??

Question 10

In the movie Norbit, what actor plays Norbit, Rapustia, and Mr. Wong?

Question 11

Wrong quiz quesetion: In which movie does 5 people gget kidnapped by willy wonka? You Chose: b. epic movie (Correct - 10 pts) Correct Answer: a. charlie and ... (13%) b. epic movie (4%) c. high school ... (0%) d. norbit (0%) e. finding nemo (0%) The Willy Wonka Wannabe person did not kidnap 5 people but in reality he kidnapped how many people?

Question 12

In what movie is Chris Brown killed with a brick? You Chose: c. Stomp the Yard (Correct - 10 pts) Correct Answer: a. You Got Serv... (13%) b. White Chicks (0%) c. Stomp the Ya... (0%) d. Barbershop (0%) e. Norbit (0%) he was not actually killed with a brick, he was killed when he was...

Question 13

Name the actor that played the abusive wife in "Norbit".

Question 14

In the movie Norbit, Eddie Murphy plays how many characters?

Question 15

True or False: Eddie Murphy plays four characters in the movie Norbit

Question 16

In the movie 'Norbit', how many characters does Eddie Murphy portray?

Question 17

In "Norbit" what is Norbits first legal wifes name.

Question 18

In the film Norbit what is Norbit's adopted father called??

Question 19

What was the colour of the ring that Kate gave to Norbit when they married under the tree?

Question 20

what actor played most characters in nutty proffesor and norbit

Question 21

Finish the quote from Norbit: " It raining _____ _____ _____, my prayers have been answered!"

Question 22

This actor is Donkey's voice in the movie Shrek, and plays the father in Daddy Daycare and Haunted Mansion. He also is in Dr.Doolittle and the new movie- Norbit.

Question 23

name the actor that played three character in the movie norbit.

Question 24

in the movie norbit, what is the wieght limit on the water slide?

Question 25

Who is this actress that stars in the following films? Crash Norbit The chronicles of riddick Mission impossible 2

Question 26

in the movie norbit where did norbits first wife and him get married

Question 27

Norbit Resputia's brothers want to take over the orphanage and turn it into a titty bar-what do they want to call it?

Question 28

Norbit-Eddie Murphy What flavor is Norbit's candy wedding ring when he get's married to Kate?

Question 29

In the movie Norbit what quote did Respushia use constantly?

Question 30

in the movie norbit what did respusha think his name was when they first met

Question 31

What Actor played in all these movies except for one. Daddy Daycare, Norbit, Fat Albert, Haunted Mansion

Question 32

Look at my picture, my surname is Murphy and I appeared in the movie 'Norbit'. Who am I?

Question 33

In the movie Norbit, what did Norbit's "lover" smash into his head?

Question 34

Kayren Wallace has played the role of an Orphan Girl in the movie, Norbit?

Question 35

Who played the Booty Shaker Girl in the nmovie, Norbit?

Question 36

Who keep on following Norbit a round town and talking about him??

Question 37

In the movie Norbit what i sNorbits favourite part of the turkey meat?

Question 38

In the movie 'Norbit' starring Eddie Murphy, what is the name of the mean, junk food-chugging queen, he's forced into marrying?

Question 39

Eddie Griffin Played the role of Pope Sweet Jesus in the movie, Norbit?

Question 40

Who played Big Jack Latimore in the movie, Norbit?

Question 41

In the movie Norbit who played both Nobit and Reshsbusha

Question 42

In the movie NORBIT, what is the name of Norbit's FIRST childhood girlfriend?

Question 43

who was the woman in norbit

Question 44

In which Eddie Murphy movie was his character abandoned as a baby, on the steps of a chinese restaurant/orphanage......

Question 45

What was Eddie Muphy's name in his Brand new movie/What is the Movie Caled

Question 46

Who acts as the sexy character "Kate Thomas" in the movie "Norbit"

Question 47

In the movie Norbit what is the name of the water park that he takes the orphans to.

Question 48

What was the man name that played rasputia in Norbit/

Question 49

I've been in "Norbit", "Date Movie", "Deuce Bigalow 1&2", "Scary Movie 3", "The Meteor Man", "Coneheads", and "The Last Boy Scout". Who am I?

Question 50

Who starred in the following films? -Boyz n Da Hood -As Good As It Gets -Norbit -End Game

Question 51

How many Characters does Eddie Murphy play in the movie "Norbit".

Question 52

Richard Grant has played the role of a Preacher in the movie, Norbit?

Question 53

in wut movie did eddie m. mary a fat lady?

Question 54

This is from which 2007' film?

Question 55

In what movie will u hear Eddie Murphy say,"This is a mad house, mad house"??

Question 56

who plays three characters in norbit

Question 57

What movie does Eddie Murphy marry a controlling, ugly monstrous-size woman?

Question 58

in which movie was this quote said "dont u wish ur girlfriend was a freak like me"?

Question 59

What 2007 movie had this tag line :Have you ever made a really big mistake ?

Question 60

What Eddie Murphy movie is this a still from?

Question 61

What Is Eddy Murphy's Name In Norbit???

Question 62

in what movie is eddie murphy going to be in

Question 63

In which movie did Eddie Murphy just perform in?

Question 64

In Norbit what was his wifes name????

Question 65

In Norbit what does Resbuchia say all the time?

Question 66

What movie included both charlie and eddie murphy?

Question 67

What 2007 movie has Eddie Murphy as three roles?

Question 68

in what movie dose eddie Murphy play three of the carecters

Question 69

How many people did eddy murphy play in Norbit

Question 70

In what movie did Eddie Murphy play 3 characters?

Question 71

Which movie stars Eddie murphy and himself as wife with the mname Raputia

Question 72

In the movie norbit, wwho was norbit's childhood friend?

Question 73

What movie did they say "u got a girlfriend, no well u do now...?

Question 74

who is this person from the movie, norbit?

Question 75

What is the name of this woman from 'Norbit'?

Question 76

in what movie dose eddie murfy say "we pooped together"

Question 77

Who plays Busta in the movie Norbit?

Question 78

in what movie did eddy murphy starred in ?

Question 79

what 3 roles do eddie murphy play in the new film norbit?

Question 80

name that movie where eddie murphy was dating a mean big women.

Question 81

What movie is this quote from? "How YOU doing?"

Question 82

in norbit what was norbits friend name?

Question 83

In what movie did Eddie Murphy played Rasputia and Mr Wong

Question 84

How many brothers did Respucha have in the hit comedy Norbit?

Question 85

Who Directed Norbit?

Question 86

Who pushed the speaker on Norbit.

Question 87

What's the chinese restaurateur's name in the movie Norbit?

Question 88

what movie was eddie murphy a fat woman and an old guy?

Question 89

in what movie that eddie murphy made has a character name rechabusha

Question 90

what was the most common used phrase on NORBIT?

Question 91

Who is the main character in Norbit?

Question 92

Which movie features this line (many times): "How YOU Doin'?"

Question 93

Nick Nolte did not appear in one of these Movies......

Question 94

Who starred in norbit?

Question 95

Who plays Rasputia in the movie 'Norbit?'

Question 96

what movie did a fat person that went with a skinny person go to the water park with?

Question 97

In the film Norbit who plays the main character?

Question 98

Who is the multiple character in Norbit

Question 99

Who played Rasbushtia in the movie "Norbit"?

Question 100

When was the movie Norbit released?

Question 101

He is ugly skinny and being chased by an fat woman that he do not like?

Question 102

what movie is this from

Question 103

Eddie Co-wrote the movie Norbit?

Question 104

In what movie does eddie murohy have a fat wife named resputia

Question 105

Which actor is in the movie Norbit?

Question 106

What did Norbit do after he got a date on Tuesday?

Question 107

In which movie did Eddie Murphy play 2 peoples.

Question 108

Who played the Beautician #3 in the movie, Norbit?

Question 109

In which Eddie Murphy's movie was this phrase used frquently...."how are you doing?

Question 110

In which movie did this over weight women want a nerdy man?

Question 111

which movie did eddy Murphy acted all of the characters??

Question 112

then thats a date.Dont be trying tell a pimp his game.

Question 113

Who played the lead pimp in Norbit

Question 114

Which Actor played Respucia in the movie Norbit?

Question 115

Which movie did this line come from:"Once a pimp always a pimp..always, foreva"?

Question 116

Who is the main Charecter in Norbit

Question 117

In which movie does Eddy murphy played three characters at one time?As a tiny black man,fat woman,and a chinese restaurateur

Question 118

What movie does eddie murphy play more then 2 roles in?

Question 119

Who is the main character in Norbit

Question 120

What movie is Respusha in?

Question 121

What movie is this tagline from? Have you ever made a really big mistake?

Question 122

Norbit What flavor is Kate's candy wedding ring when she marries Norbit?

Question 123

name the actor that play's rasputia and norbit in the movie norbit

Question 124

What did you call Norbit wife in the movie Norbit

Question 125

What actor played Norbit in the movie Norbit?

Question 126

in the movie Norbit, how do Kate and Norbit meet for the first time?

Question 127

Who was Norbit in Norbit?

Question 128

Where is this Character from?

Question 129

Witch movie was when Eddie Murphie was all the Characters?

Question 130

What was the fat girls name in Norbit?

Question 131

In what movie is this phrase repeated many times? "How you durin!!!"

Question 132

is norbit funny

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