Obscure Disney Characters

Test your knowledge of lesser known names and behind-the-scenes character trivia of WDFA films! Some of these are easier to identify than others; see how many you recognize! Note: I intended to include a question from all 49 films (1937-2009), but I forgot to add the Fantasia 2000 question before finalizing the quiz, and unfortunately I can't edit it. Apologies for overlooking that!

Question 1

"That's me. A bit of a trotter, a bit of a rotter. How d'you do, how d'you do, how d'you DO?"

Question 2

Who is this man?

Question 3

These ain't the Goodfeathers. From left to right, name these birds.

Question 4

Who is this humble clergy mouse?

Question 5

What is the name of this death-defying bird?

Question 6

Left to right, what are the names/descriptions of these four gossipy elephants?

Question 7

"Class, turn to page 62 and translate each word in mutton."

Question 8

Identify this old nag!

Question 9

Who is this fellow?

Question 10

"What we need is - a lizard with a ladder!"

Question 11

The Andrews Sisters sang the ballad of this wee boat.

Question 12

Who wears this lupine totem?

Question 13

Identify this malicious alien.

Question 14

Behold! The Keeper of the Pig!

Question 15

What is this woman's name?

Question 16

Who is this jazzy alligator?

Question 17

This centaur is known as the River Guardian.

Question 18

What is the given name of this diabolical hat?

Question 19

Who is this mouse?

Question 20

Which of the listed options most closely describe this man's first name?

Question 21

Name this ursine brute.

Question 22

According to early promotions for "Snow White" in the 1930s, the Evil Queen has a proper name. What is it?

Question 23

Who is this?

Question 24

Identify these two hounds.

Question 25

"No, no. There is no risk. They never come back... as BOYS!" This wicked character is...

Question 26

Name this dog.

Question 27

What is the name of Alameda Slim's bison?

Question 28

What, according to Piglet, was his grandfather's name?

Question 29

Which Lost Boy is this?

Question 30

This penguin is a real snow bird... and not in the literal sense.

Question 31

Who is this?

Question 32

After which famous male duo did the filmmakers nickname these two carnotaurs?

Question 33

What is the full name of this amiable British explorer?

Question 34

Identify this brave little Chilean plane.

Question 35

What is the name of this buxom French maid?

Question 36

Who is this?

Question 37

Which is NOT a name that Roquefort the mouse guessed when trying to remember "O'Malley?"

Question 38

What is the name of this rather irate bear?

Question 39

From the original animated film, which is not a canon puppy name?

Question 40

Who is this?

Question 41

What is the name of Maleficent's raven companion?

Question 42

"My clothes?" "Packed." "My books?" "In storage." "My cat?" "Meow!" "My gosh..." This kitty is described as a "short hair Persian, two years old, third in a liter of seven."

Question 43

What historical figures inspired the names of these two alligators?

Question 44

What is Tito's full name?

Question 45

Name this goat!

Question 46

What are the names of these Fab Four scavengers?

Question 47

Who are these two kangaroos?

Question 48

By what name did filmmakers initially refer to this cub at the end of "The Lion King?"

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