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Question 1

Correcting the correction... (Question 419449016) by Alex S I hate corrections...but this one really got me. Who made more appearances as James Bond? You Chose: a. Roger Moore (Incorrect - 0 pts) Correct Answer: a. Roger Moore (3%) b. Sean Connery (10%) c. both had same amount (1%) Roger Moore did 7, Sean Connery did 6, they clearly did not do the same amount.

Question 2

Which actor has portrayed James Bond in the most movies? You Chose: b. Roger Moore (Correct - 10 pts) Correct Answer: a. Sean Connery (0%) b. Roger Moore (2%) c. Timothy Dalton (2%) d. Pierce Brosnan (0%) Just a quick correction, Sean Connery and Roger Moore have both played James Bond in seven films. Not all by the same production company, but Never Say Never Again is a Bond movie in which Connery plays the character James Bond.

Question 3

Former James Bond actor Roger Moore is the great-uncle of Demi Moore.

Question 4

During filming of 007 movies in the Roger Moore era, Moore and "Cubby" Broccoli would often engage in high-stakes games of....

Question 5

who played James Bond (007) in for your eyes only?

Question 6

what actor played in the james bond movie moonraker

Question 7

Which actor has played James Bond the most times?

Question 8

Unscramble this Bond! gerro remoo

Question 9

Which actor played James Bond in the majority of times?

Question 10

Who played the woman hating, cat loving gun for hire in "Ffolkes"?

Question 11

Name that Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me

Question 12

Here's another question I've seen incorrectly asked so many times, I figured I'd give the correct answer: These two actors have played James Bond the same number of times, tying them for the most number of times anyone has played the character:

Question 13

Which Bond is in Moonraker?

Question 14

Fill the blanks in the sequence: 1. Sean Connery 2._____________ 3. George Lazemby 4. Timothy Dalton 5. Pierce Brosnan 6. _______________

Question 15

just had a question that asked who has had more apperances as James Bond a. Sean Connery b. Roger Moore c. both have had the same... the answer was both the same...no...Sean Connery, Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever - 6 Roger Moore - Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, A View to a Kill - 7 movies

Question 16

Which Bond actor told the producers he was considering retirement after the completion of a Bond film, so they screen-tested other actors, including James Brolin?

Question 17

Who holds the record for being in the most James Bond Films?

Question 18

Where do they partially live? Roger "James Bond 007" Moore

Question 19

Which film actors/actresses all appeared in the Alias series with Jennifer Garner?

Question 20

Who was supposed to replace Roger Moore as 'James Bond' in 1983?

Question 21

In which Bond film did Roger Moore debut as 007?

Question 22

Put these James Bond actors in order from first to last.

Question 23

after sean connery came roger moore in the bond series

Question 24

***Which James Bond Film Does Not Star Roger Moore***

Question 25

Which Bond movie was the first to feature Sir Roger Moore?

Question 26

Before James Bond,In what TV serie used to appear Roger Moore?

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