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Question 1

What actor or actress played, in both, the old version of 'The Parent Trap' and the new version of 'The Parent Trap'?

Question 2

In the original "Parent Trap" the woman that plays the part of Vicki, the twin's father's girlfriend, plays the part of the mother of Meridith Blake in the newer "Parent Trap" who's name is also Vicki.

Question 3

In which 1998 movie do two girls meet at camp only to discover they are long lost twins??

Question 4

Name the Disney classic which was a remake with these characters?

Question 5

In the film 'The Parent Trap' what is the name of the mum?

Question 6

Which actress played both girls in The Parent Trap?

Question 7

In the parent trap the first song L is for...

Question 8

Who played the twins in the 1961 version of "The Parent Trap"?

Question 9

The Parent Trap (the one with Lohan) is approx. how many minutes long?

Question 10

Whats Lindsey Lohans names in the movie "Parent Trap"?

Question 11

The "The Parent Trap" with Lindsay Lohan, her brother was used as the little boy at camp.

Question 12

Who portrayed the mother in the original 1961 version of "The Parent Trap"?

Question 13

Which actor does Hallie have a picture of in the girls' cabin in THE PARENT TRAP?

Question 14

In "Parent Trap 2," what was the name of Hallie's stuffed animal?

Question 15

Name this actress who played in the movie Parent trap as Chessy.

Question 16

Name this actor who played the butler in the movie Parent Trap.

Question 17

in the parent trap which twin had to jump in the lake but naked

Question 18

In "Parent Trap 2," what did the twins eat Oreo cookies with?

Question 19

Lindsay Lohan who starred in parent trap is really a twin

Question 20

Who played the so-called step-mother on The Parent Trap?

Question 21

In the movie called the parent trap what is the correct way to spell their dad's name?

Question 22

which actor played nick parker (the dad) in The Parent Trap?

Question 23

In The Parent Trap, starring Lindsey Lohan, what was Elizibeth James occupation?

Question 24

In the Parent Trap what was the name of the boat the parents had a date on?

Question 25

how old is lynsey lohan ment to be in the film parent trap?

Question 26

In "Parent Trap 2," what was Annie's address in London?

Question 27

which actoress connects maid in manhatten, parent trap and the asylum?

Question 28

Who played Elizabeth in the Parent Trap Remake

Question 29

In "Parent Trap 2," how much did the twins weigh at birth?

Question 30

In the movie "The Parent Trap" what airline did Ann fly to California on?

Question 31

In "Parent Trap 2" what was Meredith's occupation?

Question 32

In the Parent Trap what was the type of wine that Halie( pretending to be Annie) took a sip of?

Question 33

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Question 34

What did Elizabeth throw at Nick when she left him in the The Parent Trap?

Question 35

On the cover of Parent Trap (1998 version), what colour of shirts are the two twins wearing?

Question 36

In "Parent Trap 2," how old is Neck Parker's fiance, Meredith Blake?

Question 37

In the film The Parent trap, what did the girls try to do?

Question 38

In "Parent Trap 2," what is Hallie's dog's name?

Question 39

In "Parent Trap 2" on the camping trip, what did Annie put in Meredith's backpack?

Question 40

In "Parent Trap 2," what aong was playing when Hallie and her mother were walking to her mother's shop?

Question 41

In Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan which twin lives originally with their mum, Elizabeth

Question 42

In "Parent Trap 2," what did grandfather say to Annie (who was really Hallie) when she arrived home from camp?

Question 43

What year was the remake of the Parent Trap starring Linsay Lohan as Hallie Parker and Annie James?

Question 44

In 1961's "The Parent Trap", Susan was from California. Where was Sharon from?

Question 45

In "Parent Trap 2," when Hallie arrived home in London, pretending to be Annie, there was a banner hanging in the living room, what did it say?

Question 46

In "Parent Trap 2" Annie and Hallie were wearing handkerchiefs around their necks on the camping trip, what collor were they?

Question 47

In "Parent Trap 2," when Annie met her father at Napa Airport pretending to be Hallie, what did her father say to her?

Question 48

How many times in the movie the parent trap starring lindsay lohan, pull pranks on her identical twin? (total pranks)

Question 49

In the movie (The parent trap) the twins had some differencess between how they look when they first met what were they?

Question 50

Parent Trap: Where did the twins meet...and where did their parents 'meet' again?

Question 51

In the 1998 version of "The Parent Trap," Hallie and Annie go on a camping trip with their father and his new fiance, Meredith Blake. What tiny creature do Annie and Hallie put on Meredith's Evian bottle?

Question 52

In the Parent Trap with Linsay Lohan, after Meredith is replaced by Elizabeth do go on the camping trip with the 2 girls and the children, there is a clip where Nick straps a sleeping bag in the back of the vehicle. What is the brand of the Sleeping Bag?

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