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Question 1

In Monsters Inc. Boo has 2 toys in her room that are characters from Pixar movies, what 2 movies are they?

Question 2

Which of these movies are not a pixar production?

Question 3

Which of these movies was NOT made by Pixar?

Question 4

Out of all the Pixar Movies, which 1 is the latest???

Question 5

What's this 1989 Pixar Short animation name? And in which pixar and disney movie it appeared?

Question 6

This "Geri's Game" Pixar short, appeared in a disney and pixar movie but which one?

Question 7

"Ratatouille", from director Brad Bird, is another animated classic from Disney's Pixar Studios. But which other Pixar classic did he direct?

Question 8

Which actor lent his voice to the character "Mack" in the 2006 Disney/Pixar film "Cars"? <b>(HINT: He has lent his voice to a character in <u>EVERY</u> Disney/Pixar film to date!)</b>

Question 9

What Pixar movie is this image from?

Question 10

In Toy Story, some of the books on Andy's shelves are named after what?

Question 11

In the Pixar movie "Sherk" what was Shrek?

Question 12

Name this pixar film.

Question 13

What is the new upcoming Pixar movie?

Question 14

What was the name of the speedy red car starring in Disney Pixar Cars

Question 15

What actor voiced the character "Woody" in the Pixar feature "Toy Story?

Question 16

Which Pixar Animation Movie does this quote come from "I THINK I'LL CALL IT STEVE" " [Picture BELOW May Help]

Question 17

which cheers actor gives his voice to all pixar films?

Question 18

Which Pixar Movie featured the use of Motion Capture technology?

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