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Question 1

How many children do the Freelings have?

Question 2

When Carol Anne's bird Tweety died, she buried him in the backyard in a cigar box. What other item was in the cigar box?

Question 3

What's the first thing that happens when Mrs. Freeling and Carol Anne encounter the poltergeist together?

Question 4

In the first movie, what do the ghosts use in order to talk to Carol-Anne?

Question 5

What was in the pool with Diane when she fell in?

Question 6

Who or what dragged Robbie under the bed?

Question 7

What was wrong with the land the houses were built on?

Question 8

Robbie is scared of mainly two things (besides thunderstorms) in the movie. What are they?

Question 9

What does Carol Anne hang on to to prevent herself getting sucked into the closet?

Question 10

As Diane is running to her children after she wants Ben to help her save Robbie and Carol Anne, what event happens?

Question 11

What actor plays Steven Freeling?

Question 12

Who played Diane Freeling?

Question 13

Who plays Carol-Anne in the three "Poltergeist" movies?

Question 14

What happens to the Freeling's house in the end of the movie?

Question 15

What object did Steven put outside on the balcony of the hotel?

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