Question 1

Who sang Oh Pretty Woman from the Pretty Woman soundtrack?

Question 2

What actress plays vivienne in Pretty Woman?

Question 3

In which movie was Richard Gere afraid of heights?

Question 4

In Pretty Woman what was Julia Robert's hooker friend named?

Question 5

Who sang It Must Have Been Love from the Pretty Woman soundtrack?

Question 6

in what film would you hear the line: cinder-fucking-rella?

Question 7

In which movie did Julia Roberts say"You can freeze ice on his wife´s ass?"

Question 8

In Shrek 2 the Fairy Godmother was trying to prove Shrek that ogers don't have a happy ending. To make her point she named lots of fairy tales, with no oger in the end, including a famous movie. What was that movie?

Question 9

what woz the occupation of the actress played by julia roberts in pretty woman

Question 10

In pretty woman what is the name of the night elevator operator?

Question 11

Who played Edward Lewis in Pretty Woman?

Question 12

what song did Julia Roberts sing in pretty woman

Question 13

Who played Philip Stuckey in the movie Pretty Woman?

Question 14

In the movie Pretty Woman, what is Edward's phobia?

Question 15

Who played Kit de Luca in Pretty Woman?

Question 16

In what movie did the line "I've got a run in my panty hose, wait I'm not wearing any panty hose" come from?

Question 17

The dress Vivian (Julia Roberts) wore to the Opera in Pretty Woman was black?

Question 18

What film is this quote from? "what happens after he rescues her?" "she rescues him right back!"

Question 19

in pretty woman name the hotel richard gere stays in

Question 20

What was the name of the club where Kit hung out in the movie Pretty woman?

Question 21

Which Julia Roberts film has the tagline: She walked off the street, into his life and stole his heart.

Question 22

What object does Julia Roberts use to hold her boot up in Pretty Woman?

Question 23

what color hair did julia roberts have under her wig in pretty woman?

Question 24

in the film pretty woman, how much did julia roberts charge per hour?

Question 25

What movie is this wonderful quote from? Vivian: "I'm gonna treat you so nice, you're never gonna let me go."

Question 26

name the movie this quote is from? "these are broken, mine are broken"

Question 27

What famous scene from Pretty Woman was improvised?

Question 28

'nothing's gettin through that little sucker' is a quote from pretty woman what are they talking about?

Question 29

In the movie Pretty Woman, during dinner, Vivian accidentally flips some food from her plate and the waiter catches it. What type of food was it?

Question 30

In 'Pretty Woman' when Julia Robert's asks her flatmate where the best place to buy a dress from, her flatmate replies.....

Question 31

In the movie Pretty Woman, what color wig does Vivian wear?

Question 32

What type of footwear did Julia Roberts wear in the beginning of Pretty Woman?

Question 33

Which Julia Roberts movie does she say "Well, thats one I haven't been on before!"?

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