RAMBO Movies 1-4 Quiz

How much do you know about the war machine John Rambo?

Question 1

In First Blood what is the name of the deceased army friend Rambo goes to visit?

Question 2

What rank is Rambo?s mentor and friend Samuel Trautman?

Question 3

What was Rambo?s Field Name in Vietnam? Trautman says copy leader calling?.??

Question 4

In First Blood when escaping the police station, what vehicle does Rambo hijack and drive down the main street ?

Question 5

In Rambo II What is Rambo?s main mission according to Murdoch ?

Question 6

In Rambo II When dropping into the jungle of Vietnam who is his contact person down there?

Question 7

In Rambo II What does Rambo say brings him good luck?

Question 8

In Rambo II When he returns to Murdoch's base, what does shoot up?

Question 9

In Rambo III He fights sticks fights in Thailand to earn money What does Rambo do with the money?

Question 10

In Rambo III Where does Rambo travel to free his friend Trautman from Russian prison?

Question 11

In Rambo III What does Rambo use as a tools to find land minds on his way into the enemy camp?

Question 12

In Rambo III What does Rambo drive straight into the Russian apache helicopter and blows it up?

Question 13

In John Rambo (IV) he makes a booby trap in the jungle with a claymore mine, what does he plant the claymore near for higher explosion?

Question 14

In John Rambo (IV) What does the mercenary leader Lewis call Rambo?

Question 15

In John Rambo (IV) The Burmese pirates that stop Rambo?s boat on the river, what do they want?

Question 16

In John Rambo (IV) He says maybe he still has family back in the USA who?

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