Really Brutal Hard Movie Trivia Quiz

It's Hard

Question 1

Which of these actors was NEVER nominated for an Oscar for their WRITING of a screenplay?

Question 2

Dan Ackroyd preformed in a "rap" music video to promote a film once. Which actor co-starred with him in the film and the video. Both actors "rapped" and danced.

Question 3

Which of these actors had a cameo in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in 1984?

Question 4

Which of these people were not nominated for an Oscar for their acting?

Question 5

Writer/Director Frank Darabont has only directed four films in his career. Which of these films did he NOT direct.

Question 6

Which film was nominated for 7 Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Music and Best Writing and didn't when any of those 7 Oscars?

Question 7

Which Film was Harrison Ford Nominated for an acting Oscar for?

Question 8

Which of these characters has Christian Bale not played?

Question 9

Which of the following Characters has not been Portrayed by Christian Bale?

Question 10

Which Actor never won an Oscar for directing a film?

Question 11

True or False the primary writer of Spider-Man 2 was a man in his late seventies who had won two Oscars for his writing?

Question 12

Which movie did Australian writer/director, George Miller NOT direct?

Question 13

True or False: Tom Hanks directed Apollo 13?

Question 14

True or False: George Lucas directed All Six Live action Star Wars films?

Question 15

There are six Rocky films. Which of these films was NOT directed by Sylvester Stallone?

Question 16

Christian Bale lost roughly sixty pounds to play an insomniac in what low budget film? Fact: This is the film he did before Batman Begins meaning he had to bulk up quickly, gaining back all of his muscle.

Question 17

Before Jaws Stephen Speilberg directed a TV movie called Dual. What is Dual about?

Question 18

Which of these movies was not based on a Novel/Short Story?

Question 19

Which of these films was NOT based on a comic book or graphic novel?

Question 20

The James Bond character was created first in the Novel, Casino Royal. It has been adapted into film/TV 3 times. Which one of these is NOT a real version?

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