Remenber Chucky?

Wanna Playyyyyyyyyyy?

Question 1

name this movie

Question 2

He is the voice behind Chucky in the original movie "Child's Play"

Question 3

In the 1988 movie "Child's Play" what is the name of the young boy Chucky is after.

Question 4

In "Child's Play" what is the only way Chucky can become human again.

Question 5

In the Child's Play movies. What is Chucky's full name

Question 6

***In The Movie Child's Play How Does Chucky Kill Maggie***

Question 7

***In The Movie Child's Play How Much Does Karen Pay For The Good Guy Doll***

Question 8

what's the name of the kid that chuky want's to be in in CHILD'S PLAY 1 2 AND 3?

Question 9

How many movies are there in the child's play series?

Question 10

Which star of television's "Empty Nest" had influential roles in such films as "Grease" and "Child's Play?"

Question 11

What is the name of the spirit possessed by the doll Chucky on Child's Play?

Question 12

Which "Child's Play" film is the 1st time we see Chucky with a face that is sown back together?

Question 13

In the Movie Child's Play ............... The Babysitters Death Originally had Her electrocuted in the bath, this was later used in Bride of Chucky.

Question 14

In the 1991 film, 'Child's Play 3: Look Who's Stalking', what is the name of the little boy Chucky is after?

Question 15

Who has written or co-written every movie in the "Child's Play" series to date?

Question 16

What actor was in Dog Day Afternoon as a transvestite, Child's Play as the detective who kills Chucky, & the head vampire in Fright Night?

Question 17

Actor Brad Dourif (voice of Chucky the killer doll from the Child's Play films) has NOT appeared in which of the following films?

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