Reno 911...

I love this show! Let's see if you know a thing or two about it!

Question 1

Who is this character?

Question 2

He is the Department's...

Question 3

What object of his is always stolen?

Question 4

Who is this character?

Question 5

She was once described as...

Question 6

She had a boyfriend and then husband that was a serial killer known as the Truckee River Killer, but what was his real name?

Question 7

Who is this character?

Question 8

He claims he wears his bullet proof vest on the outside of his uniform because...

Question 9

In season two this character got accidently married to a mail order bride. What was her name? (This is the actress who played her I know it is not a picture from the show)

Question 10

Who is this character?

Question 11

At a party she claimed she was "Sooo... Wasted!" what did she drink?

Question 12

How many of the other officers has she went to bed with? (that we know of)

Question 13

Who is this character?

Question 14

He is not very good at...

Question 15

His partner is?

Question 16

Who is this character?

Question 17

She finds ______ so she can have a month off of work...

Question 18

She has how many kids?

Question 19

Who is this character?

Question 20

Who on the force has the hots for him?

Question 21

He made a commericial for a carpet store, what animal was he replaced by?

Question 22

Who is this character?

Question 23

Everyone thinks she's a...

Question 24

She makes out with a fellow officer but it turns out it is her cousin, which officer was it?

Question 25

*PERP #1* Everyone's favorite criminal!

Question 26

*PERP #2* She's a hooker, crack whore... who is this filthy mouthed lady in a wig!

Question 27

*PERP #3* She taunts Deputies Jones & Garcia with her antics, who is this crazy lady with the really saggy boobs! (I couldn't find a picture of this character but she is played by the ever so funny Niecy Nash)

Question 28

*PERP #4* He posed as an agent for homeland security, but was only in it for the stuff he stole out of the evidence locker!

Question 29

*PERP #5* He was the district attorney, he cut off a lot of hookers heads and got the fine officers of Reno fired...

Question 30

*PERP #6* He was beaten by Jonesy & Garcia and then he walked into oncoming traffic, the officers were fired for this. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY QUIZ, PLEASE GIVE IT A RATING AFTER YOU CHECK YOUR SCORE.

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