Sailor Moon #5

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Question 1

Who is the leader of all the Sailor Scouts?

Question 2

Whats the name of the school that Serena goes to?

Question 3

Which other Scouts go to the same school with Serena in season 1?

Question 4

Which girl did Luna think was an enemy but then found out that she was one of the Sailor Scout?

Question 5

Which other scout had a big crush on Darien?

Question 6

Which Scout has the power of Lighning?

Question 7

Which scout used the Luna Pen to transform into Sailor Moon?

Question 8

Who is Serena's best friend?

Question 9

Who is the reincarnation of the Moon Princess?

Question 10

Who is the reincarnation of the Prince of Earth?

Question 11

Who is the Moonlight Knight?

Question 12

Which outer scout is the shrotest?

Question 13

Which outer scout flirts with girls?

Question 14

Which scout did Serena say is a lady and worthy of a princess?

Question 15

Which scout is the oldest?

Question 16

How are the 2 people in this pic? ;)

Question 17

Which of the Starlights is the intelligent one?

Question 18

Which of the Starlights has the biggest attitude problem and has a stormy temper?

Question 19

Who are the Starlights looking for?

Question 20

What is the name of this little girl?

Question 21

Which season dose Chibi-Chibi show up in?

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