sex and the city-how much do you know

think you are a sex and the city pro?

Question 1

what are the names of the 4 main women in sex and the city?

Question 2

who does carrie date after her split with big?

Question 3

what does miranda discover about herself after a visit to the doctors?

Question 4

in season one, carrie narrates by:

Question 5

what does carrie lie to aiden about?

Question 6

what does charlottes knight in shining armor do that really makes him less attractive?

Question 7

which boyfriend does carrie go to paris with?

Question 8

who is in love with miranda but only is wanted back when he moves on and gets a girlfriend?

Question 9

what is going on between married people and single people according to mirand in season one?

Question 10

who does miranda's co-workers fix her up with?

Question 11

in season 1, episode 6, does carrie show restraint to sleeping with big?

Question 12

what does miranda find when she is snooping at her boyfriend, the doctors house?

Question 13

what is on the bus promoting carries new sex column?

Question 14

what does carrie find out about mr. big and his ex?

Question 15

why is mirandas ego and pride in herself torn apart all because of a sexual act?

Question 16

what is the nickname of the ugly, bad-breathed, flannel wearing rebound samantha takes under her wing?

Question 17

what keeps charlotte in the house for days -not wanting to go out with the girls?

Question 18

what does carrie do in front of big that has her scared he will never look at her the same again?

Question 19

how does big introduce carrie to his mother?

Question 20

what does miranda say to a boyfriend when theyre talking dirty that makes him leave?

Question 21

what is the nickname of the bachelor who is quite popular with the ladies that charlotte dates for a short time?

Question 22

what is miranda afraid of after she buys her own apartment and is alone?

Question 23

what does samantha's personal trainer shave into her, that he apparently has shaved into several other women?

Question 24

finish carries poem.....she was a question to be answered and his answer was......

Question 25

what changes samantha's mind about dating a 72 year old man?

Question 26

who does steve say the book he is reading is by when he and miranda first meet?

Question 27

what does carrie do to get closer to big?

Question 28

what happens when charlotte starts double booking dates with men?

Question 29

what is the name of the twenty something big has begun to date?

Question 30

whats the name of the politician carrie dates in season 3?

Question 31

what hinders miranda from pushing things forward with steve exclusively?

Question 32

where does the shortie samantha accidently decides to date get his clothes from?

Question 33

what does carrie's politically correct boyfriend ask her to do thats not so politically correct?

Question 34

when carrie tries to ease into the whole politically incorrect situation by compromising, what is his response?

Question 35

why wont charlotte get undressed in the steam room?

Question 36

what makes charlotte feel better when she finally bares it in the spa?

Question 37

what replaces the vibrator in miranda's "goodie drawer" by the maid the first time?

Question 38

what makes carrie feel better when she looks fabulous but natasha doesnt show up to the party?

Question 39

which celebrity does carrie kiss at a bi-party with her new young boyfriend?

Question 40

what does stanford accidentally break during sex?

Question 41

why doesnt charlotte get to meet her married friends single-bachelor friend?

Question 42

who does charlotte meet after running out of the bar away from her married friends husband?

Question 43

what groses miranda out after her and steve start living together?

Question 44

what topic does a magazine samantha is accidentally mailed start making her worry about?

Question 45

what does aiden and carri joke about when they are at his furniture bazaar?

Question 46

what does trey say when charlotte accidentally proposes marriage?

Question 47

what does big mistakenly blurt out to carrie when he is drunk?

Question 48

who does carrie cheat on aiden with?

Question 49

who catches carrie cheating?

Question 50

samantha has had alot of things, but whats one thing shes never had?

Question 51

who returns home early and catches carrie?

Question 52

what does miranda lie and say she does for a career at a speed dating session?

Question 53

whats wrong with trey that charlotte finds out on the morning of their wedding?

Question 54

what does carrie admit to aiden on charlottes wedding day?

Question 55

who does samantha accuse of stealing her purse?

Question 56

what does miranda get that make her insecure?

Question 57

what do trey and charlotte name their genitals?

Question 58

what is the name of the magazine that trey is caught masturbating too?

Question 59

who does charlotte end up in a kiss with after her dwindling sexual relationship with trey starts becoming hopeless?

Question 60

who is samantha in love with but she knows he is cheating?

Question 61

what does carrie walk in on in samanthas office?

Question 62

what is the name of the woman who gives carrie a dirty look becasue of how things ended with aiden?

Question 63

what does charlotte want her new sex partner to do before they go to the hamptons for a wedding?

Question 64

why cant harry even think of marrying charlotte?

Question 65

when carrie bumps into aiden, she discovers something unexpected...

Question 66

how does samantha meet smith?

Question 67

what does miranda find in brady's diaper bag?

Question 68

what does carrie rib berger about when she reads his new book?

Question 69

what does bergers note say?

Question 70

what does harry do that annoys charlotte?

Question 71

what happens when charlotte finally gets pregnant?

Question 72

when robert gives miranda a cookie with the words i love you on it, what does she do?

Question 73

what does samantha do when she tried to die her pubic hair because of a few grey hairs?

Question 74

how do miranda and steve get back together?

Question 75

how do steve and miranda tie the knot?

Question 76

after samantha goes in for a breast exam to get implants, what does she find out?

Question 77

what does baby brady wake up to one night?

Question 78

what does miranda stumble on while on the internet?

Question 79

where does miranda move to?

Question 80

who does samantha cheat on smith with and smith still wants her back?

Question 81

where do harry and charlotte finally get a baby from?

Question 82

who goes to rescue carrie in paris?

Question 83

who does carrie end up with?charlotte end up with?samantha end up with?miranda end up with?

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