Shirtless Scene-Sations

How well do you know your Shirtless Hunks?

Question 1

What movie features this cadre of cuties without shirts (or much else!)?

Question 2

After he left Brooke, he joined Leslie as an exotic dancer in what movie?

Question 3

Do you recognize this actor?

Question 4

This buff boy was one of the slashed stars of which movie?

Question 5

What was the subtitle of the movie featuring THIS delicious trio?

Question 6

Young Mister Potter did a rather risky movie where he effectively broke out of his wand-waving role - what was it called?

Question 7

Sharing an onscreen kiss with this guy must be great - who could we ask about this?

Question 8

What was this hairy hunk cursed with?

Question 9

Who is this jogger?

Question 10

What movie did this Canadian hottie star with Tim Curry?

Question 11

What sport would you find this hunky actor playing?

Question 12

Which of these movies did NOT star this lovely man?

Question 13

Who is watching this amazing sight?

Question 14

What is this shirtless cutie about to do?

Question 15

What movie is this scene from? (Potter fans, double the points taken away if you get this wrong!)

Question 16

What musical did this ex X-Man star in?

Question 17

What is about to happen to this shirtless hunk?

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