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Question 1

what role did justin timberlake play in the movie edison force?

Question 2

In which Shrek did shrek & donkey switch body from a magic spell which was cast by Merlin You Chose: b. Shrek 2 (Incorrect - 0 pts) Correct Answer: a. Shrek (0%) b. Shrek 2 (9%) c. Shrek the Third (8%) ------- Shrek and Donkey never switched bodies you plank, it was Puss and Donkey.

Question 3

What famous actor did the voice of Shrek in the movies Shrek & Shrek 2?

Question 4

Who is the actress that plays the voice of Shrek on Shrek and Shrek 2

Question 5

Which actor voices Shrek in shrek 1 and shrek 2?

Question 6

In "Shrek" during the introduction to the film, a man says to Shrek, "Back beast, back!" and he waves a lighted torch at Shrek, what does Shrek do to the torch?

Question 7

Just got this question. People need to be more specific because Banderas was not in the first Shrek, but made his entrance in Shrek 2. In which movie Antonio Banderas, did not participate? You Chose: a. Shrek (Incorrect - 0 pts) Correct Answer: a. Shrek (3%) b. The 13th Warrior (2%) c. The Mambo Kings (0%) d. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (4%)

Question 8

What does shrek brush his teeth with in Shrek

Question 9

In Shrek what animal does fiona blow up to make a balloon for Shrek?

Question 10

What is the name of the princess Shrek and Donky rescue in Shrek?

Question 11

What vegetable is the carriage made out of that Shrek and Fiona leave in at the end of the movie Shrek?

Question 12

Which actors provided the voices of Shrek, Donkey & Princess Fiona in the animated movie Shrek?

Question 13

How many kids did Shrek and Fiona have in Shrek 2?

Question 14

In the movie "Shrek", what are Fiona and Shrek eating at the fire?

Question 15

How many children did Shrek and Fiona have in Shrek the Third?

Question 16

In the movie Shrek, Chris Farley was originally cast as Shrek and even recorded the dialogue.

Question 17

Just got this question In which movie Antonio Banderas, did not participate? a) Shrek b)The 13th Warrior c) The mambo King d) Dirty Dancing correct answer Antoniao Banderas was not in Shrek - He was in Shrek 2 If You are going to have a multiple choice question make sure only one question is right.

Question 18

In Shrek 2, how did Fiona turn in an orge before Shrek knew?

Question 19

What is the name of the donkey in the movie Shrek & Shrek 2?

Question 20

What colour was shrek in the movie shrek 2??

Question 21

In the movie shrek the third what was shrek wife name?

Question 22

How many oger kids does shrek have in shrek the third??

Question 23

How many kids did shrek and fiona have in the movie shrek 3?

Question 24

Who did the voice for Donkey in the movies Shrek and Shrek 2?

Question 25

Who was the actor that played donkey in Shrek and Shrek 2

Question 26

Which actor was in these 3 comedy movies: Austin powers Shrek/shrek 2

Question 27

who was the voice of shrek in both shrek movies

Question 28

What did princess fiona give shrek after he rescued her in shrek#1

Question 29

In Shrek the 3rd, what did Fiona tell Shrek that scared him?

Question 30

Who is the voice of Princess Fiona in Shrek and Shrek 2?

Question 31

He directed Shrek, Shrek 2, and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Who is he?

Question 32

which actor played Shrek in the movie Shrek?

Question 33

In Shrek The Third, what is the name of the heir to the throne besides Shrek and Fiona?

Question 34

Which actor makes the voice of Shrek in "Shrek"?

Question 35

In Shrek 3 how many babies do Fiona and Shrek have?

Question 36

What character plays Fiona in Shrek and Shrek 2

Question 37

In shrek 3 how many kids shrek and donkey have alltogether?

Question 38

In the movie Shrek 3, how many babies do Shrek and Fiona have?

Question 39

Which actress playyed Fiona in Shrek and Shrek 2?

Question 40

Who was the voice of Shrek in Shrek the movie?

Question 41

who was the voice of donkey in shrek and shrek 2?

Question 42

How many babys does Shrek and Fiona have in Shrek 3?

Question 43

Which actress played the voice of Fiona in Shrek and Shrek 2?

Question 44

In the movie Shrek, Shrek compared ogres to what?

Question 45

in shrek the third what is the name of the only other relative that can be king besides shrek because fionas dad died?

Question 46

I hate to be a broken record with all the questions that say "check your facts!" but I just got a question that asked who the voice of shrek was and they put the answer was 'tom cruise.' I couldn't even feel outraged because I just sat there and laughed at the fact that someone can be THAT stupid after ALL THE REPETITIVE QUESTIONS about shrek after shrek 3 came out. in any case, who ACTUALLY does the voice of shrek?

Question 47

In 'Shrek' and 'Shrek 2', who voices Donkey?

Question 48

In Shrek 3, how many baby ogres did Shrek and Fiona have?

Question 49

Which actor played shrek in shrek 1 and 2

Question 50

After Donkey & Shrek have taken the potion in Shrek 2, as it starts to take effect Donkey starts singing to Shrek "the sun'll come out....", and then passes out but right before he falls he says "I'm coming ______"! What's the name he shouts out?

Question 51

In Shrek 2, what is the name of the potion Shrek, donkey & Puss-in-boots steal from Fairy Godmother?

Question 52

Who is the voice of shrek in shrek 1 and shrek 2?

Question 53

where did shrek donkey and fiona go in shrek 2?

Question 54

In Shrek, Shrek says Ogres are like onions. what does Donkey think it should be?

Question 55

who did the voice for donkey in shrek and shrek 2?

Question 56

In the second shrek movie where id shrek donkey and fiona have to go to meet her parents?

Question 57

What did Fionas father want Shrek to do in Shrek 3 ?

Question 58

In the movie(shrek)what did shrek brush his teeth with?

Question 59

What is the actor that played "Donkey" ni Shrek and Shrek 2?

Question 60

In shrek 2 who was told to kill shrek

Question 61

wat does shrek call donkey in shrek 1?

Question 62

in Shrek, what did Fiona and Shrek blow-up to make baloons?

Question 63

In Shrek 2 what was the name of the bar where the king hires a hit man to kill Shrek?

Question 64

Who does the voice of Donkey in "Shrek" and "Shrek 2"

Question 65

"Which Actor played the voice of donkey in "Shrek" and "Shrek 2"

Question 66

In the movie Shrek..what kind of flower does Princess Fiona tell Donkey to go get? (when Shrek has an arrow stuck in his butt)

Question 67

In shrek the third how many princessess helped fiona rescue shrek???

Question 68

How many kids do Shrek and Fiona have in Shrek 3?

Question 69

In Shrek 2 what was the name of the potion that Shrek and Donky drank?

Question 70

Shrek & Shrek 2, where did the Muffin Man live?

Question 71

In the movie shrek 2 which character orders to Puss in Boots to kill Shrek??

Question 72

Which 2 actors link the following flicks ? Shrek 2, My Best Friends' Wedding, and Shrek the Third

Question 73

In the movie Shrek..when Shrek and Donkey are crossing the rickety bridge to the castle, what does Shrek say to Donkey when they finally get across the bridge?

Question 74

What happened straight away when Shrek drank the potion in 'Shrek 2'??

Question 75

How did Shrek in movie Shrek come into the princess's room?

Question 76

what did the potion do to shrek when he drank it in shrek 2?

Question 77

In the Shrek films, which actor provides the voice of Shrek?

Question 78

In the movie Shrek II how many eyes had the bouncer that opened the bars door to Shrek at the Poison Apple?

Question 79

What was the metaphore used in "Shrek" by shrek of ogres?

Question 80

Who played Fiona in Shrek and Shrek 2?

Question 81

In the movie Shrek, what doses Shrek open to find princess Fiona's diary?

Question 82

In shrek 2 Why doe Puss In Boots stop attacking Shrek and Donkey?

Question 83

in shrek what did shrek say ogres were like?

Question 84

What actor played "Donkey" in the movies Shrek & Shrek 2?

Question 85

How many kids do Shrek and Fiona have in Shrek 3?

Question 86

In Shrek, what itetm does Fiona give shrek after he rescues her form the dragon?

Question 87

what does shrek say before donkey rudley interupts in shrek 2

Question 88

Who provided the voice for Shrek in Shrek (2001) and recorded almost half of the script before his untimely death?

Question 89

just had this question Who does donkey switch bodies with in shrek 2 You Chose: c. puss in boots (Correct - 10 pts) Correct Answer: a. piniocho (1%) b. fiona (0%) c. puss in boots (6%) d. shrek (1%) e. fionas dad (0%) its actually shrek 3 in which they switch bodies

Question 90

In Shrek 2 where did Shrek and Fiona go with donkey to see Fiona's parents?

Question 91

Who's the actor of shrek in shrek the third?

Question 92

Who bothers shrek in shrek the first?

Question 93

I just got this question: Who would be King in Shrek the third You Chose: a. Shrek (Incorrect - 0 pts) Correct Answer: a. Shrek (18%) b. donkey (1%) c. charming (3%) d. The King (1%) e. Arthur (15%) Anyone who has seen it will know that actually it was Shrek who was meant to be king but he refused and asked Arthur to be instead. Do you think people should get their facts right before posting Q's?

Question 94

In the Movie, Shrek 2, How many times did Donkey say "Are we There yet?" before Fiona and Shrek finally yelled "NO!" in unison?

Question 95

Who played the voice of Shrek in Shrek 2?

Question 96

Who Speek's Donkey's Voice in Shrek/shrek 2?

Question 97

who played shrek in the movie shrek ?

Question 98

Who sponsered the movie shrek& shrek 2?(ex disney, pixar, etc.)

Question 99

Where is Shrek going with Donkey after he leaves the kingdom in the movie Shrek?

Question 100

Who is the voice of Fiona in Shrek and Shrek 2

Question 101

In shrek 2 what under-wear was Pinocchio wearing when they resued shrek, donkey and puss in boots?

Question 102

In Shrek 3, who helps shrek and the gang get back to the castle?

Question 103

How Many Kids Does Shrek Have in the Movie, "Shrek The Third"?

Question 104

How many candles did Shrek make in Shrek 1 by his ear wax?

Question 105

Which celebrity is going to be welcomed to the cast of shrek in Shrek the Third movie?

Question 106

What was the shape of the back of shrek in the movie shrek 2???

Question 107

What does Shrek tell Donkey after he sings "I'm all alone" in the movie Shrek?

Question 108

In Shrek 2 what potion do shrek and donkey drink?

Question 109

who did cameron diaz play in shrek and shrek 2

Question 110

What is the name of the actor who played Shrek in Shrek 1 and 2?

Question 111

How did Shrek meet feona's parents in Shrek 2?

Question 112

In the end of Shrek The Third how many babies did Fiona and Shrek have?

Question 113

Who plays shrek in the movie shrek

Question 114

In the movie, "Shrek The Third," how many kids do Shrek and Fiona have?

Question 115

what coulor is shrek the oger from shrek

Question 116

In the movie shrek, what is the name of the actor who plys shrek

Question 117

In Shrek 2, when Shrek is laying down on the bed next to Fiona, he looked at the ceilling and saw a picture of who?

Question 118

TRUE OR FALSE: i just got the following question.....the question is wrong for the answer....the correct movie is Shrek 3 ===== in shrek 2 who does shrek go to find You Chose: Skipped. (Incorrect - 0 pts) Correct Answer: a. lancelot (27%) b. bob (7%) c. charles (18%) d. arthur (36%) correct answer

Question 119

How many kids does Shrek and Fionna have in the movie Shrek the Third?

Question 120

in shrek, what animal did donkey and shrek run into?

Question 121

whitch actor played in shrek, shrek 2 ,daddy day care, the haunted masion , daddyday care 2 and beverly hills cop

Question 122

In shrek was shrek a prince in the beggining?

Question 123

what did shrek live in in shrek 1

Question 124

The Lead Role of "Shrek" and "Shrek 2"

Question 125

Who played Shrek in Shrek?

Question 126

who played shrek in shrek

Question 127

This quote is from what 2007 Mike Myers movie: "Aahh! You know, you really need to get yourself a pair of jammies!"

Question 128

who played shrek in shrek 1&2

Question 129

in shrek 3 does shrek have babies

Question 130

In Shrek II, when Shrek & Donkey first meet Puss in Boots, what does Donkey suggest they do to him?

Question 131

Mike Myers replaced which comedian for the role of Shrek in the movie Shrek after he died of a drug overdose after being cast?

Question 132

which movie was this animal in

Question 133

Who did Shrek Marry in 'Shrek'

Question 134

In Shrek, Shrek says that ogres are like onions, they have layers. In what 1991 movie does "Lou" say the same thing about herself to Ben Stone?

Question 135

What Shrek film did the producers have to shave Shrek's legs because they were TOO disgusting, even for an ogre?

Question 136

who played shrek in shrek

Question 137

Who voices Shrek in Shrek 1-3???

Question 138

who is Shrek in Shrek?

Question 139

What animated movie opened with an estimated $121 million. The highest opening of an animated movie ever.

Question 140

Who was the original voice of Shrek in the movie "Shrek", who died of drug/alchol abuse a year into the makeing of the movie?

Question 141

who was the feline character in SHREK 2 who was hired to kill Shrek but changed sides afterwards?!

Question 142

Which Actor Was: -Shrek In Shrek -The Cat In The Cat In The Hat -Austin Powers/Dr. Evil In Austin Powers -Wayne Campbell In Wayne's World -Steve Rubell In 54

Question 143

Who is the voice of Shrek in Shrek?

Question 144

Who plays shrek in shrek 1,2,and 3?

Question 145

Which is the first movie to feature Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake on-screen?

Question 146

Who was the Voice of Shrek In Shrek 2?

Question 147

What Actor/Actess is in the movies below: The Haunted Mansion Daddy Day Care Shrek 1 Shrek 2 Dr.Dolittle 1 Dr.Dolittle 2 Dr.Dolittle 3

Question 148

In Shrek, how did Shrek and Donkey meet?

Question 149

In Shrek 2, what kind of carriage do donkey, Shrek, and Fiona ride in on their way to Far Far Away?

Question 150

Who plays shrek in shrek-1-2-and 3?

Question 151

In Shrek 2 the Fairy Godmother was trying to prove Shrek that ogers don't have a happy ending. To make her point she named lots of fairy tales, with no oger in the end, including a famous movie. What was that movie?

Question 152

Another correction: "what song did Fairy sing in Shrek1? You Chose: e. i need a hero (Correct - 10 pts) Correct Answer: a. somebody to love (3%) b. i will always love you (0%) c. hero (4%) d. itsy bitsy (1%) e. i need a hero (5%) " The song Fairy Godmother sang was actually called "Holding out for a hero". Also, that was in Shrek 2... not Shrek 1.

Question 153

ok i just got this question which just proves whoever wrote it has never seen the movie... who does the voice of shrek You Chose: Mike Myers (Incorrect - 0 pts) Correct Answer: Tom Cruise the right answer is mike myers. he is the voice of shrek in all three movies. what an idiot...

Question 154

In Shrek the Third, who is the heir to the land of Far, Far Away?

Question 155

What two other princesses did Lord Farquad have the option of marrying in Shrek?

Question 156

Which actor stared in 50 First Dates Mr.Deeds Happy Gilmore Saturday Night Live and Big Daddy?? Shrek

Question 157

Who is the idiot who posted this incorrect question? Antonio Banderas was not part of Shrek, he was in Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third. In which film is Antonio Banderas not a part of? You Chose: a. Shrek (Incorrect - 0 pts) Correct Answer: a. Shrek (3%) b. The 13th Warrior (2%) c. The Mambo Kings (0%) d. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (4%) Correct Answer

Question 158

When Shrek and Fiona leave on their honeymoon (movie 2) ,what does Donky name the two goldfish?

Question 159


Question 160

Which Movie Did Eddie Murphy Play 'Donkey'?

Question 161

In the movie shrek 2 who did Prince Charming find in the bed where finio was supposed to lay?

Question 162

what movie did Shrek turn into a dude

Question 163

This movie has a green Ogre, a red-headed princess Fiona, a loud talking donkey, and a fire-breathing dragon.

Question 164

What movie has n oger, donkey, princessand dragon?

Question 165

In what movie was eddy murphy a donkey?

Question 166

what did shrek pull out of his ear

Question 167

which movie brough together cameron diaz, eddie murphy, mike myers and julie andrews?

Question 168

who played the part of shrek?

Question 169

who played mabel in shrek the third?

Question 170

Shrek was the first winner for the inaugural Best Animated Feature Film category of the Academy Awards 2002.

Question 171

in shrek the third who voices artie??

Question 172

In shrek 3 who's voice's changed?

Question 173

What movie does donkey star in?

Question 174

Which character from Shrek is this?

Question 175

Just had this one... Who is the voice actor for the puss in boots in the movies Shrek 1,2,and 3? You Chose: b. Antonio Banderas (Correct - 10 pts) Correct Answer: a. Jack Nicholson (0%) b. Antonio Banderas (28%) c. Hugh Jackman (0%) d. Nicolas Cage (0%) e. Samuel L. Jackson (0%) Puss and Boots appeared in

Question 176

Shrek met Fiona in Fairy godmother's house...

Question 177

In Shrek what is the name of the princess that he loves?

Question 178

what person speaks shrek?

Question 179

Which of these movies was Madonna NOT considered for?

Question 180

why is this movie called shrek

Question 181

Where does the Muffin Man live in the film Shrek?

Question 182

Which of these movies are not a pixar production?

Question 183

In The Film `Shrek` Who played Donkeys Voice??

Question 184

Who played Lord Farquad in the movie Shrek?

Question 185

Which actor played puss in boots in the movie 'Shrek 2'?

Question 186

in shrek 3rd how many kids did feona have????

Question 187

What is the king in Shrek called?

Question 188

From Shrek 1 What food does everybody love?

Question 189

which movie has Drew Barrymore not filmed in?

Question 190

In Shrek 2, which song did Puss-In-Boots sing at the end?

Question 191

What movie has the line;Orgers are like onions

Question 192

In Shrek 3 the Gingerbread man gets scared and does what?

Question 193

Which animation film does this quote come from: "Can I stay with you, please?"

Question 194

what movie does this sentence acuire in: move yu stupid lump of pastrie!

Question 195

In which movie did Mike Myers' character have a donkey as a best friend?

Question 196

Complete this sentence from shrek. Do you know___________________?

Question 197

Fill in the blanks to create a movie name. _leepless in Seattle _ow to lose a guy in ten days _ocky _lf _arate kid

Question 198

In Shrek 2, what did Princess Fiona's father, the King, turn into?

Question 199

What movie does Eddie Murphay play a donkey in

Question 200

in what cartoon movie was eddie murfie an animal in?

Question 201

He was the voices of the Cat in the Hat, Shrek, and he's shaggy baby! Who is he?

Question 202

Who provides the voice for this character in Shrek 2?

Question 203

What movie has a green ugly ogre and a donkey on a journey

Question 204

name the film this line is2 from "im a real boy no im not"

Question 205

In shrek 2 when Gingi sits on top of ponociyo what does he say its a ?

Question 206

Which actor voiced Shrek?

Question 207

In the movie, Shrek 2, who is Prince Charming pretending to be?

Question 208

In Shrek 2 what does donkey turn into when he drinks the magic potion?

Question 209

True or false, will smith was Doctor Dolittle and Donkey in shrek

Question 210

What colour does donkey turn when he swallows the "happily ever after" potion in Shrek 2?

Question 211

The category for Best Animated Feature was added to the Oscars in 2001, when Shrek took the honor. Which of the following films has NOT won this award?

Question 212

What popular movie franchise is Puss 'n Boots a spinoff movie from?

Question 213

Who was originally cast for the play of Shrek before Mike Myers?

Question 214

what does donkey do to put out the fire in shrek 1?

Question 215

What is the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time?

Question 216

What is the cats name off of shrek?

Question 217

In shrek everyone hates onions but loves what?

Question 218

in shrek 2, what are the gingerbreads buttons made of?

Question 219

try and fill in the blanks from shrek. Now the ogre pray the ????? from PUSS in boots.

Question 220

for 5mins. could u not be yourself. for 5mins!!!

Question 221

Whats does Shrek say ogres are like...

Question 222

Who does the voice of "Shrek"?

Question 223

in what movie does eddie murphy say ''he already said it''

Question 224

Which one isn't the name of Donkeys babys in Shrek the Third???

Question 225

In the movie shrek what was kinda of creature was he?

Question 226

Donkey played in what movie?

Question 227

"Do you know the muffin man?" "The muffin man?" "The muffin man!!" "Yes, I know the muffin man who lives on Drury Lane?"

Question 228

Was puss in boots in all shrek films?

Question 229

What does donkey turn into when he takes a potion in shrek 2?

Question 230

In which movie does a princess refused to get married Lord Farquaad?

Question 231

Which film is this a scene from?

Question 232

who plaed in cat in the hat,gomembe,and in shrek

Question 233

what does fiona call donkey in shrek 1 ?

Question 234

In the movie "Shrek" what was Shreks donkeys name?

Question 235

Which actress played Fiona in Shrek 1 and 2?

Question 236

At the beginning of the movie Shrek, what thing does Donkey not have?

Question 237

it has a donkey in what is the program called

Question 238

In What Movie Is There A Princess A Donkey A Small King Nd A Ogre?

Question 239

Which actor make the voice of puss-in-boots in Shrek 2?

Question 240

"Letīs neuter him right now! Give him the Bob Barker treatment!" is a quote from what movie?

Question 241

in wich film was the song 'i like big butts and i can not lie' from?

Question 242

What actor is the voice for Puss-n-boots in Shrek 2?

Question 243

According to Shrek, what are ogres like?

Question 244

WaT mOVIE did donkey and shrek turn into sexy guys

Question 245

in shrek 2 who plays the fairy godmother ???

Question 246

true or false the next song has appeard in the next movies: charlies angels jack ass shrek shark tale?

Question 247

what movie did a cute cat have the voice of antonio banderas(zorro)?

Question 248

i was a priest in Footloose a bad guy in shrek and cliffhanger and have a tv series where im an alien, who am i?

Question 249

whitch movie had a big oger in it

Question 250

which Actor played the donkey in Shrek 2???

Question 251

what company does shrek 2 come from?

Question 252

Which actress was in the following movies: *Mary Poppins *Shrek 2 *The Princess Diaries

Question 253

****NAME THAT MOVIE**** What 2001 animated film portrays an oger?

Question 254

This actor was originally cast to voice the character of "Shrek" and even recorded some of the dialogue before his death in 1997.

Question 255

who is the voice of princess fiona in shrek

Question 256

what movie is this from "im making waffels"

Question 257

What kind of carriage do Shrek and Fiona ride on their way to far far away?

Question 258

Who did not have a part in the shrek series

Question 259

Who Does The Voice For The King In Shrek 2?

Question 260

In what movie did "Eddie Murphey" play a donkey?

Question 261

In which movie did a donkey turn into a stallion?

Question 262

In this animated movie and animated character blows up and animal and then gives it to his soon to be wife. What is the name of this movie?

Question 263

Who plays the voice of shrek in the films?

Question 264

wat does donkey in shrek 2 say when he is changed into a........ im a

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