Sleaze by name and sleaze by nature..

Question 1

Name this actress, famous for her roles in the Pinky Violence genre.

Question 2

Women In Prison films usually contain lots of hose downs, lesbian fumbling and copious female nudity. However I like them because of the drama... which of these WIPs have I made up?

Question 3

Which recently deceased director followed the Three B's (Bullets, Bombs and Babes) principle in his films?

Question 4

Which Russ Meyer film contains a violent death with a chainsaw, a piranha attack, two rape scenes, a number of large prosthetic phalluses and Hitler?

Question 5

Who played the infamous Ilsa character in the 1970s exploitation classics?

Question 6

In which film did 70s porn star Marilyn Chambers have a case of killer arm pits?

Question 7

In which Hammer Horror title does a young Nastassja Kinski (daughter of Klaus) flash her beaver and I'm not talking about one of her aquatic pets here...?

Question 8

Sylvia Kristel was associated with the role of Emmanuelle but who played Emanuelle?

Question 9

Jess Franco directed The Naked Vampire. True or False?

Question 10

In which 1982 Italian rip-off of The Warriors would you find rival gangs roller skating and tap dancing?

Question 11

What was the fetish of Udo Kier's character in Exposť (aka House On Straw Hill)?

Question 12

The Playboy Playmate's Mary and Madeleine Collinson starred in which Hammer Horror film?

Question 13

Which 2003 film features a woman with a man-eating vagina?

Question 14

Who had Deadly Weapons in 1974?

Question 15

In which film does James Lorinz acquire body parts from prostitutes in order to re-construct his girlfriend after a lawnmower accident?

Question 16

Which of these Gialli did Sergio Martino not direct?

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