Star Trek Movies: the Plots

Which Trek movies had the following plots

Question 1

Soran hopes to use the Nexus to go back to his wife, killing a USS Enterprise captain in the process

Question 2

A Vulcan has his katra restored after the being rescued from the Genesis planet

Question 3

The Borg attempt to stop Zefram Cochrane making a warp speed flight

Question 4

V'ger threatens to destroy Earth and assimilates Ilia and Commander Decker

Question 5

The crew of the USS Enterprise-E try to save the Ba'ku from the Son'a

Question 6

Chancellor Gorkon is assassinated however peace talks go ahead at Khitomer

Question 7

George and Gracie are rescued from the Pacific Ocean by a Klingon Bird of Prey

Question 8

A Reman renegade and clone kills the Romulan senate as well as an android Starfleet commander.

Question 9

A Vulcan wants to meet God, taking over the NCC-1701A in the process

Question 10

An exiled genetically engineered leader tries to destroy Captain Kirk

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