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Question 1

True or False? Nicolas cage was cast to play Superman in an early version on Superman Returns, but was later fired. He was so upset that he took the role as Superman in Superman the Musical.

Question 2

In the orginal Superman series, Superman would get shot by the bad guys until they ran out of bullets, then the bad guys would throw the guns (pistols) at Superman....Then Superman would do what?

Question 3

Annette (Smallville) O'Toole's first foray into the Superman mythos was in "Superman 3" in which she played the role of who?

Question 4

christopher reeve pick Brandon Routh to play in superman in superman returns?

Question 5

How does superman turn back time in superman 2

Question 6

I was given this question: were is superman from You Chose: a. kryptonite (Correct - 10 pts) Correct Answer: a. kryptonite (5%) b. earth (0%) c. mares (0%) d. jupiter (0%) e. kansas (0%) I believe Krypton is the planet Superman is from. Kryptonite is something from Krypton that makes Superman loose his power! So, actually all the alternatives are wrong. Am I right?

Question 7

In superman returns who was the actor that played the part of clarke kent (superman)

Question 8

Superman Returns was the ____ movie in the Superman saga.

Question 9

Does it really piss you off when people who ask the questions don't know the correct answer? for example how many times did Christopher Reeves play Superman in the films? I will give yo a clue, Superman 1 , Superman 2 , Superman 3, Superman:The Quest For Peace.

Question 10

who was superman originally in the 1978 movi superman and in superman 2 and in superman 3, but sadly died in 2004

Question 11

In Superman Returns, the space shuttle engineer was played by Richard Branson, the owner of The Virgin Group. The monitors inside the jet display the words "Virgin Galactic", the name of Branson's commercial spaceflight company that will utilize the SpaceshipOne crafts, which are launched from the underbelly of an airplane, much like the space shuttle in the film.

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