Superman: The Movie

A quiz seeing how much you know about the first Superman movie

Question 1

Here's an easy one. What is the name of this character?

Question 2

Which famous musician expressed interest in playing Superman?

Question 3

On what doomed planet was the baby Kal-El born on?

Question 4

Who finally landed the role of Lois Lane in Superman?

Question 5

Who played Superman's Earth Born father?

Question 6

What commodity will people pay through the nose to get?

Question 7

What does Superman call Lex Luthor when he's mad at him?

Question 8

Who's idea was it for the Superman Shield to be the symbol for the House of El?

Question 9

How does Perry White take his coffee?

Question 10

What does Jor-El tell Kal-El he will never be?

Question 11

What does Jor-El tell Kal-El he'll never be?

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