Superman I & II

Question 1

What planet is Superman from?

Question 2

What does Superman have aproblem seeing through?

Question 3

Who did Clark have a crush on in High School?

Question 4

What color are Lois' underware when interviewing Superman?

Question 5

What word feels like it comes naturally to say for Clark?

Question 6

What was Kal-el's(Clark)first demonstration of super-human strength on Earth?

Question 7

What does Superman stand for?

Question 8

What is Superman forbidden to interfere with?

Question 9

What was Miss Teschmacher's RESPONSE to Lex Luther's statement, "when I was six-years-old, my father told me to......?

Question 10

Where did Miss Teschmacher's mother live?

Question 11

What does Lex Luther refer to himself as?

Question 12

What does Lex ask from Zod?

Question 13

What does Ursa get bit by on Earth?

Question 14

What does Lex Luther's little black box pick up?

Question 15

When refering to Zod, Ursa and Non, Lex says, with all this cumulitive knowledge, when will these dummies learn.......?

Question 16

How many years did it take Kal-el(baby Superman) to travel to Earth?

Question 17

When Clark changes into the Superman suit for the first time, who was the first person to see and say something to him?

Question 18

What object of Lois' fell out of the helicopter that Clark picked up on the sidewalk?

Question 19

What is Superman's home called on Earth?

Question 20

What were the contents of Lois' purse when she and Clark were mugged in the alley?

Question 21

In what other movie does a character reference Superman as the only super-hero whos disquise was his normal Earth life?

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