A fun quiz that goes through the seasons of the hit TV show Supernatural.

Question 1

What was Sam's girlfriend's last name?

Question 2

In Season 1, episode 12 titled Faith, what happens to Dean?

Question 3

In Season 1, which episode do the Winchester brothers meet up with their father?

Question 4

In Season 2, episode 1 titled In My Time of Dying, what does Sam discover John's plan is after he gives his son a list of ingredients for Bobby to pick up for him?

Question 5

In Season 2, episode 9 titled Croatoan, what happens to Sam?

Question 6

In Season 2, episode 10 titled Hunted, what is the secret that Dean reveals to Sam that John told Dean just before he died?

Question 7

In Season 2, episode 14 titled Born Under a Bad Sign, what is the name of the demon who possesses Sam?

Question 8

In Season 2, episode 17 titled Heart, what is wrong with Madison, the girl that Sam falls in love with?

Question 9

In Season 2, episode 21 titled All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1, what happens to Sam?

Question 10

In Season 3, episode 1 titled The Magnificent Seven, what is the name of the hunter couple the Winchesters end up meeting?

Question 11

In Season 3, episode 3 titled Bad Day at Black Rock, what is the cursed object that Sam has stolen from him causing his luck to plummet and his life to be put in danger?

Question 12

What is the name of the song that plays everytime Sam wakes up, after Dean has died the previous day, to find him alive and well?

Question 13

In Season 3, episode 16 titled No Rest For the Wicked, what does Lilith summon to take Dean to Hell?

Question 14

In Season 4, episode 1 titled Lazarus Rising, who is the creature that brings Dean back from Hell?

Question 15

In Season 4, what is the name of the demon that helps Sam develop his psychic powers?

Question 16

In Season 4, episode 4 titled Metamorphosis, what kind of creature was Jack Montgomery?

Question 17

Season 4, episode 10 titled Heaven and Hell, what is the name of the woman the brothers meet and who can hear the angels?

Question 18

In Season 4, episode 13 titled After School Special, what was the name of Sam's good friend that committed suicide in the girl's bathroom?

Question 19

In Season 4, episode 21 titled When The Levee Breaks, what is the thing that Dean says to Sam which is the exact same thing John said to Sam before he left for college?

Question 20

Introduced in Season 4 and recurring through Season 5, what is the name of the prophet of the Lord?

Question 21

Which angels are Sam and Dean the vessels of?

Question 22

Season 5 finale titled Swan Song, what does Sam do to save the world from the apocalypse?

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