The Blazing Saddles Quiz

Questions from the greatest film ever made!

Question 1

In Blazing Saddles, In "Blazing Saddles", Madeline Kahn was trying to impersonate what famous actress?

Question 2

What are the first words said in Blazing Saddles?

Question 3

Blazing Saddles was nominated for how many Oscars?

Question 4

in the movie "Blazing saddles" what is the name Jim's friends call him?

Question 5

In Blazing Saddles, what is Hedley Lamar's famous line?

Question 6

What western legend was offered a role in Blazing Saddles (1974)?

Question 7

In the 1974 Classic 'Blazing Saddles' who played the character Bart?

Question 8

In Blazing Saddles, What did Sheriff Bart invent to beat Mongo?

Question 9

How many parts did Mel Brooks play in Blazing Saddles?

Question 10

Who is the actor playing "Taggert" in the movie Blazing Saddles?

Question 11

In Blazing Saddles, What was Lili von Shtupp's nickname?

Question 12

In Blazing Saddles, What is Sheriff Bart's limit on Schnitzengruben?

Question 13

In "Blazing Saddles", how much does it cost to pass the toll booth?

Question 14

What was the name of Harvey Korman's character in Blazing Saddles?

Question 15

Who was originally considered for the role of Bart in Blazing Saddles?

Question 16

How many dimes did they need at the toll booth in "Blazing Saddles"

Question 17

What was the name of the spin off sitcom that came from blazing saddles???

Question 18

What the last name that the citizens of Rock Ridge had in Blazing Saddles?

Question 19

In Blazing Saddles, what language did the Indian Chief speak to Bart's family?

Question 20

In Blazing Saddles, What did Hedley Lamarr ask Mr. Taggert to find in the bathtub?

Question 21

In Blazing Saddles, What work song did the black men working on the railroad sing first?

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