The Crow Movies

Those Who Have Seen All The Crow Movies Would Understand This Quiz

Question 1

What Was The Cause Of Death To Alex Corvis In The Movie The Crow Salvation

Question 2

What Is The Name Of This Character From The Crow City Of Angels That Made A Return From The Prequel

Question 3

In Every Crow Movie, Someone That Is Special To Person Who Becomes The Crow Dies Before Them.... In The Movie The Crow Wicked Prayer: Jimmy Cuervo (Which Is Ironic Because In Spanish Cuervo Means Crow) Has Someone Die Before Him, Who is This Girl And How Is She Special To Him?

Question 4

Eric Draven Had Retribuition From The Guys That Have Killed Him And His Fiancce. Guy Number One Died By His Own Knives. Guy Number Two Died By His Own Morpiene (Overdosage), Guy Number Three Died By An Explosion By A Lot Of Explosives With His Car, And Guy Number Four Died By Being Thrown From A Building And Landing Onto A Police Car. However One Guy Decided To Make This His Ordeal And Messed With Eric's Redeparture Back To The Dead. Who Was This Guy And Why Did Eric Decide To Comeback For Him, Who Is This Mastermind?

Question 5

Who Is This Character From The Crow Movies?

Question 6

Which Crow Movie Is This Female Actress From

Question 7

Which Crow + Crow Movie Is This Quote Famous For: "I Saw A Man... He Held His Own Heart Out, And He Ate Of It. I Asked Him Is It Good Friend? He Said It Was Bitter...BITTER, But I Like It Cause Its Bitter. And Because It Is My.......Heart.

Question 8

Who Is This Famous Fighter, And Which Crow Movie Did he Play In?

Question 9

The Crow.... No One Sees The True Picture Sometimes..... They See Violence, They See Pain, But What Is The True Factor That They All Show.

Question 10

Every Crow Has Either Applied Make Up For The Slashes Down Their Eyes And Mouth, However One Of Them Did Not.... Which Crow Did Not Use Make Up For The Slashes On His Face?

Question 11

Who Are The Ones That Killed Ashe And His Son, Danny.

Question 12

There Was A Character That Has Been Deleted After The Death Of Brandon Lee, But Plays A Significant Role In The Comics Who Is This Character In The Picture?

Question 13

In Every Crow Movie There Is A Special Item That Bonds Both The Crow, And The Special Person That Past As Well. Eric And Shelly's Bond Was Through Their Engagement Ring. Ashe And His Son's (Danny) Bond Was Through A Painting That Danny Painted. And Jimmy's Connection With (Unsaid Because Of Answer On Test) Was A Necklace She Gave Him. But What Made The Bond So Strong With Alex And Lauren/Erin.

Question 14

With Every Movie Typically There Was A Book That Created It. But In This Case It Was A Comic That The Crow Movies Were Based On. Who Is The "Father" Of The Crow Series

Question 15

The Next Questions Will Be Guess The Crow... Which Crow Is This One?

Question 16

Who is This Crow....

Question 17

Again..... Who is This Crow? (If You Can't Tell The Differences Then Please Do Yourself A Favor, Go To Blockbuster And Rent Any Crow Movie, If You Have It Then Yay! The Crow One Is Always The Best!) lol lmao

Question 18

Finally WHICH CROW IS THIS? (Don't Worry This Quiz Is Almost Done YAY!)

Question 19

An Actor Died In the Making Of The Movie: Brandon Lee (R.I.P.) Which Famous Quotes Were His. From In The Movie and Out.

Question 20

Last Question: And This Is The Most Important Question Ever! Did You Like This Crow Quiz?

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