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Question 1

In the movie Epic movie how many orphans were there?

Question 2

What is the name of the four orphans in this movie?

Question 3

In Epic Movie, how were the main characters related?

Question 4

What song is playing during this part of epic movie?

Question 5

In this movie, EPIC MOVIE, where did most of the movie take place?

Question 6

in epic movie Lucy repeats everything ...........says

Question 7

Who is the first one to discover Gnarnia?

Question 8

How do you enter Gnarnia?

Question 9

In 'Epic Movie', who's house has the magical wardrobe in it?

Question 10

in epic movie what is tom thumbs dad

Question 11

Who kicks the beaver in the Epic Movie?

Question 12

What happens to Peter when he gets scared?

Question 13

In epic movie what was jack sparrows name?

Question 14

In Epic Movie, what did Peter do to kill the White Bitch and destroy her army

Question 15

What character was not spoofed in Epic Movie?

Question 16

Who played Peter in Epic Movie?

Question 17

What movie was not spoofed in Epic Movie?

Question 18

What is the name of the White Witch?

Question 19

Who played Captain Jack Swallows in Epic Movie?

Question 20

In Epic Movie what is the name on the sleigh plate?

Question 21

In "Epic Movie" how many letters did Lucy say was in the word "lame"?

Question 22

What movie is Mr Tumnus watching in 'Epic Movie'?

Question 23

At the end of epic movie what did they call Lucy?

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