The Fast Show - characters and quotes

Fast Show TV series

Question 1

Who is this hippie professor from southern California?

Question 2

"You - fetch a body bag, you - find the murder weapon, and you - get your knickers on and get me a cup of tea!" Who was the actor that played tough uncompromising Inspector Monkfish? (not John Actor...)

Question 3

Bono estente, sminki pinki willkommen! Which one of the following did not appear on Chanel 9?

Question 4

"Putting up a tent, is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. You rent her, unzip the door, put up your pole and... slip in to the old bag" - classic Swiss Toni. But what is the name of his junior car salesman?

Question 5

Me? Here? In a sixth form girl's dormitory? At three o'clock in the morning? With my reputation? What were they thinking of? The lecherous aristocratic reprobate was the 13th duke of ... where?

Question 6

A lesser known Chanel 9 star was Trudi, who once advertised her album smash "Greatest Hits Von Trudi" during a commercial break. Hits included "Sminky Pinky Pee-Pee Snah," "Heth-Eth-Eth-Eth-Eth-Eth" and "Chris Waddle" - but who played Trudi?

Question 7

It's gripped, it's sorted. Let's off road! What was the name of Simon and Lyndsay's 4x4 offroading vehicle?

Question 8

I'm a little bit waayy, a little bit wooah, a little bit woosh, I'm a geezer, I will nick anything. What was the name of this loveable Cockney thief?

Question 9

This week the undisputed king of bebop trumpeting Piles Hussain with his band The Jazz Mess play the bebop classic Nick Nak No... Niiiiiiiiice! Who introduced Jazz Club?

Question 10

Which real-life celebrity appeared in Ken and Kenneth's tailor's shop for measuring?

Question 11

Heeey! Dave Angel, Eco Warrior. And his theme music was?

Question 12

Sminki-pinki! Falia helee, falia helaa. On Mundo Tedios, can you remember which word or phrase it was that triggered the transformation from tedious current affairs debate into skimpy raucous game show?

Question 13

"I?ve gone vegetarian now. I mean, I know I had a sausage roll yesterday, but it's not really meat, is it, y'know? I mean, there's no animal called a 'sausage'..." Who said this?

Question 14

Small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts. But who was the Scottish football pundit seated next to Ron Manager?

Question 15

Music hall entertainer Arthur Atkinson, star of the little known classic "Confessions of a door-to-door cucumber salesman", could never find his ... what?

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