The Green Mile

Walking the mile walking the green mile.

Question 1

what is the name of the actor who plays john coffey in the green mile?

Question 2

i was in saving private ryan,philidophia,and green mile who am i.

Question 3

how many people die in the green mile

Question 4

***The 1999 Movie The Green Mile Was Based On A Novel By Which Author***

Question 5

what was the talented mouse's name in 'the green mile'

Question 6

What year was The Green Mile released?

Question 7

On what day was John Koffe From the green mile to be executied?

Question 8

In the Green Mile, what animal is Mr Jingles?

Question 9

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Question 10

Who starred as Wild Bill in the film The Green Mile?

Question 11

In the movie, " The Green Mile ", what was the name of the comic book Percy was reading?

Question 12

In "The Green Mile" what were the names of the two dead girls?

Question 13

Which of the following actors was NOT a character awaiting execution on "The Green Mile"?

Question 14

Name the fictional place Mr. Jingles was supposed to be going in The Green Mile.

Question 15

Name the "Green Mile" resident:

Question 16

What do The Green Mile, Sanke Eyes, Ransom, and Albino Alligator have in common?

Question 17

which of these actors was not in the film green mile?

Question 18

What type of infection does Tom Hanks have on the Green Mile?

Question 19

The Green Mile was originally set in 1932, but the timeframe was bumped to 1935. Why?

Question 20

In which of three movies are Gary Sinse and Tom Hanks in together?

Question 21

What actor links these movies: The Green Mile, Maverick, and Thunderheart?

Question 22

In THE GREEN MILE Who Ends Up In The Mental Hospital***

Question 23

In The Green Mile, how does John Coffey explain the pronunciation of his name?

Question 24

in the green mile who killed the 2 girls seen at the begining

Question 25

Which of these actors did not appear in 'THE GREEN MILE'???

Question 26

Who did not star in 'The Green Mile'?

Question 27

What cell block was Tom Hanks' character in the Green Mile in charge of?

Question 28

who plays andrei Chikatilo in "citizen x" which also stars in the movie "the green mile"?

Question 29

Who is this actor,he was in Disturbia,16 Blocks,The Green Mile & Twelve Monkeys?

Question 30

What other movie did Percy, tha sadistic death row guard from "The Green Mile" have a role in?

Question 31

True or False? The Green Mile is based on a true story

Question 32

Which of the following actors, from Green Mile, had a re-occuring role on Sesame Street?

Question 33

He acted in roles for the following movies: Alien, Red Dawn, Pretty in Pink, and The Green Mile. Who is he?

Question 34

In The Green Mile, John Coffeys last meal consisted of meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, okra, and some _____.

Question 35

is it true that Michael Clarke Duncan ,get his role in Green Mile ,bez of Bruce Willis?

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