The Jason Statham Quiz

Answer the following questions and see how much you know about Jason Statham.

Question 1

Q1)Where Was Jason Born?

Question 2

Q2)What Year Was Jason Born?

Question 3

Q3)Name This Statham Movie?

Question 4

Q4)Name This Statham Movie?

Question 5

Q5)What Was Jason Stathams Passion?

Question 6

Q6)Dose Jason Perform His Own Fight Scenes And Stunts

Question 7

Q7)How Many Of Jasons Movies Have Become Hits At the Box Office?

Question 8

Q8)Name This Statham Movie?

Question 9

Q9)Name This Statham Movie?

Question 10

Q10)Jason Used To Be A Corner Con Man?

Question 11

Q11)What Is Jasons Height?

Question 12

Q12)What Statham Movie Is This?

Question 13

Q13)What Statham Movie Is This?

Question 14

Q14)Which Clothing Brand Was Jason A Model For?

Question 15

Q15)Name This Statham Movie?

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