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Question 1

In 'Stick It', what does the term to Stick mean?

Question 2

The film, The Longest Yard, was recently remade in America starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. What film was also a remake of "The Longest Yard" only, it was made in England and was about another type of "football"?

Question 3

Which of these films has this actor not starred in?

Question 4

Where does the Longest Yard take place?

Question 5

In the movie White Chicks, who were the actors disguised as white chicks?

Question 6

what movie did the wayans brothers dress as females.

Question 7

what has two guys who dress up as two white woman

Question 8

In which movie did 2 male cops dress up as females to try and catch a thief?

Question 9

What movie is this frame from???

Question 10

Name this film?

Question 11

In what movie did two black brothers dress as white girls and go undercover?

Question 12

In which movie do two F.B.I agents pretend to be women by being undercover?

Question 13

Which movie is the tag line...I'm gonna have a BF?

Question 14

This quote belongs to which movie...."oh what a beautiful chicolate man he he he" ???

Question 15

In what movie has 2 people that cross dress for work?

Question 16

What was the movie that there were this too guys dressed up as girls and it is called what, also one of them got constipated? this is really not that hard?

Question 17

In which movie did 2 black men dress up as 2 white blonde girls as the to real girls where to ugly to continue?

Question 18

whats this movie called? its got 2 cops dressed up as woman?

Question 19

In which film do marlon and shawn wayans go under cover as two white females ?

Question 20

in what movie is this said, "im so frickin pissed"?

Question 21

In what movie do two brothers dress up as white girls to save their jobs?

Question 22

what movie was the funniest movie in the world that had two guys that dressed up as girls just for their job?

Question 23

In which movie did the "Wayne Brothers" act like white girls?

Question 24

what movie did two men dress up as ladies?

Question 25

Which movie did marlon wayans and shawn wayans play as girls?

Question 26

Name the movie where 2 of the 3 Wayans Brothers stared in and the other brother directed along with the 3.

Question 27

What was the movie called that 2 black men dress up and go as 2 white woman for there job.It also came out in 2004.

Question 28

What Movie Did The Wayan brothers went undercover as girls?

Question 29

From which movie is this scene from?

Question 30

In which movie was the line: "He keep lookin' at me like I'm some kind of girl!" "Dude, you are a girl"

Question 31

In which movie did a rich blonde get a "bitch fit"?

Question 32

Which movie was the actress pictured above not in?

Question 33

In what movie were these 2 girls come out

Question 34

In which movie did 2 men fbi agents dress up as female sisters and go to the hamptons and find a crimnal.

Question 35

What movie is this?

Question 36

In what movie did Shawn and Marlon Wayans star as 2 rich girls?

Question 37

What was the were the wayan brothers went undercover as girls?

Question 38

Name this movie

Question 39

Select the movie from which this scene comes.

Question 40

In what movie did the wayan brothers pretend to be rich white girls?

Question 41

in what movie does one of two very pissed off sisters say " gonna have a B.F."?

Question 42

America's finest agents, deep under cover...

Question 43

what is film called that 2 men dress up as women and say'you wanna talk bout mothers'? called

Question 44

In which movie did Will Smith not star in?

Question 45

what movie stared two men who dressed up as laddies?

Question 46

in which movie did the wayne brothers play in

Question 47

In which movie did shawn and marlon wayans dress up as women.

Question 48

what is this movie?...

Question 49

In which movie was this line from- "Your mother is so stupid, that she goes into Gucci and tries to buy lyk Fendi and stuff."

Question 50

What movie were the Wayans brothers in when they were FBI angents?

Question 51

This is from which 2004 film?

Question 52

In what movie did two african american men have to go undercover as two women?

Question 53

Two brothers act in this movie as fbi agents but end up dressing up as white girls whats the film called?

Question 54

name the movie shawn and marlon wayans starred in (2004) ?

Question 55

in which film did 2 men go undercover and dressed like 2 blonde girls?

Question 56

In Wich movie did Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayons dress up as white girls?

Question 57

In whick film did 2 guys dress up as women?

Question 58

Name This Movie

Question 59

What has two people that are african american that dress up as identical whites?

Question 60

Which movie has the to sisters which look the same ?

Question 61

***Cyndi Laupers Song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Was Played in Which Movie....***

Question 62

In which movie did two black brothers lead everyone to believe that they were two white rich blonde sisters?

Question 63

what movie is this picture from??

Question 64

wat was the movie called where 2 black men dressed as white girls

Question 65

In Which film did the Willson twins appear?

Question 66

in which movie did 2 black guys become 2 white girls for a police investigation

Question 67

Name this movie.

Question 68

These two sisters are from what movie?

Question 69

Name the movie starring these two characters. (Most of the movie was set in 'The Hamptons'.

Question 70

Which movie is this scene from?

Question 71

which movie is about 2 FBI agents dressing up as 2 white girls with out them knowing

Question 72

I'm so freekin' pissed!! What film is this from?

Question 73

what is that movie that two cops wear a lady dress attire?

Question 74

Which movie did marlon and shawn wayans dress up like girls as undercover cops??

Question 75

In what movie do 2 black FBI agents disguise themselves as mega-rich princesses to infiltrate society?

Question 76

in what film did shawn and marlon wayans dress up as white women?

Question 77

What movie did the wayan brothers star in that they played cops?

Question 78

What is the name of the movie where FBI agents Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans have to go deep undercover and dress up as women in order to foil a kidnapping deal?

Question 79

In which movie did Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans act as 'The Wilson Sisters'???

Question 80

What movie has two black guys acting as white girls??

Question 81

What film connects these actors/actresses? Shaun Wayans Brittany Daniel Jaime King Terry Crews Marlon Wayans

Question 82

In which movie does two FBI agents go under cover in the Hamptons as two white ladies?

Question 83

in which movie did the waynas brothers dress up like 2 women

Question 84

In which movie is Shawn Wayans in?

Question 85

name the movie when 2 fbi agents go under cover in drag

Question 86

In the moview White Chicks, how much was Tiffany Wilson bought for in the benefit?

Question 87

what is the last name of the brothers that starred in 'white chicks'???

Question 88

Who Did Marlon Waynes play in The movie White Chicks?

Question 89

Which of the Wayans brother star in White Chicks??

Question 90

in white chicks what were the girls names that the twins dressed up as?

Question 91

in the film white chicks what made 1 of the men fart?

Question 92

whats the name of marcus's wife in white chicks?

Question 93

What were the names of the Wilson sisters in White Chicks

Question 94

In the movie White Chicks, what is the name of the girl pictured below?

Question 95

In the movie White Chicks, was is the name of Tiffany Wilson's dog?

Question 96

In the movie "White Chicks", what are the names of the Wilson sisters?

Question 97

What are the twins names in White Chicks that the FBI agents pose as?

Question 98

in the movie ''white chicks'' what were these girls names

Question 99

In the movie White Chicks, how is Gina related to Marcus?

Question 100

What are the first names of the Wilson sisters in White Chicks?

Question 101

From White Chicks, what was fake Brittney and Tiffany's excuse for being taller?

Question 102

Why did the Wilson sisters refuse to go to the Hamptons in White Chicks?

Question 103

Who acted as Kevin Copeland in 'White Chicks'?

Question 104

in white chicks what was the name of this dog?

Question 105

In the movie white chicks, the "Yo Mamma" scene...Britnay had two gloves on.

Question 106

***IN The Movie WHITE CHICKS*** ***At the Club, When Ross Talks About Tiffany, He Calls Her An***

Question 107

on white chicks the 2 black guys are brothers, there are how many more brothers? HINT:at the end of my wife and kids there are some black figures on a white background...these are them!(cause Michel Kyle is on of them too!)

Question 108

What is Tiffany and Brittney Wilson's dogs name in "White Chicks"?

Question 109

In White Chicks what is 'the girls song'?

Question 110

In White chicks what sister does Marlon Wayans Play?

Question 111

In the movie white chicks what did they have to do?

Question 112

In the movie White Chicks what are the sisters names?

Question 113

what was the original name for the movie white chicks?

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