.·´¯`·)»The Notebook«(·´¯`·.

"This is one of the best movies that I have ever seen,An amazing Love story in every sense of the word.If you have seen this movie this quiz should be pretty easy."Please rate it when you are done =)

Question 1

What does Duke come to do for Allie, in the beginning of the movie?

Question 2

What is the name of the actor who plays young Noah Calhoun?

Question 3

In what time period does this movie take place in?

Question 4

When Noah and Allie are lying in the street, Noah asks her what she likes to do for herself. What does Allie say she loves to do?

Question 5

What is the one thing that Lon knows he can never have?

Question 6

What animals do we see when Noah takes Allie out in a canoe?

Question 7

What song is playing when Noah and Allie first dance together, and again when they dance together in the assisted living home?

Question 8

What color does Allie ask Noah to paint the shutters of the Windsor Plantation?

Question 9

What animal did Allie want to be in another life?

Question 10

Where did Noah meet Allie for the first time?

Question 11

Finish the quote: "He took a good look at what he'd accomplished, got rip-roaring drunk for _____ days, thought seriously about setting it on fire, and finally put the house up for sale".

Question 12

What is the one thing Allie does around Noah, but not around Lon?

Question 13

Who portrayed the role of young Allie?

Question 14

Why does Mrs. Hamilton know Allie better than she thinks?

Question 15

How many letters did Noah write Allie?

Question 16

What did Allie NOT ask Noah to do, to the house for her?

Question 17

Finish the quote: "Why didn't you write to me? Why? It wasn't over for me, I waited for you for _______ years. But now it's too late".

Question 18

What is the name of the town Allie and Noah meet in - where they spend their summer together?

Question 19

How many children does Allie have?

Question 20

Who does Allie end up with in the movie?

Question 21

How does the movie end?

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