test your knowledge of vampire movies

Question 1

What is the name of the character Wiona Ryder played in the 1992 remake of Dracula?

Question 2

Charlie Brewster tried to take down a vampire that lived next door to him with Peter Vincent 'The Great Vampire Killer' in what 1985 film?

Question 3

What vampire movie did Salma Hayek star in as a sexy vampire?

Question 4

What movie are these brides from?

Question 5

What 1992 Vampire flick starred Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry and Hilary Swank?

Question 6

Who was this woman to Blade?

Question 7

name the movie?

Question 8

Playboy pin-up Angie Everhart stared in what vampire movie also starring Corey Feldman?

Question 9

What movie does Ron Perlman/hellboy appear as a vampire?

Question 10

What does the D stand for in Vampire Hunter D?

Question 11

What vampire movie did this terminator star?

Question 12

Who was the lead actor in this movie?

Question 13

What was the name of the bar Akasha destroyed in Queen of the Damned?

Question 14

What teen vampire flick did this actor star?

Question 15

What movie did King Leonidas in 300 also play a vampire king?

Question 16

What was Kirsten Dunst's characters name in this film?

Question 17

Which of these movies does not have a child vampire in it?

Question 18

Which of the actors does not appear in a vampire movie?

Question 19

What is the first song Lestat sings at his concert?

Question 20

what was the first vampyre movie ever made?

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