"the outsiders" book and movie

This quiz is one of my favorite all-time movies. It made major stars out of the leading actors. Good luck and have fun.

Question 1

. What is the location this story was set in?

Question 2

What decade is the story set in?

Question 3

What are the three most leading characters' names?

Question 4

In the book, why did Darry get upset with Ponyboy when he got jumped by the Socs?

Question 5

At the drive-in, why did Cherry and Marcia leave their boyfriends during the movie?

Question 6

Why did Dallas get mad and leave the movie? Was this unusual?

Question 7

What did Johnny notice about Cherry's boyfriend when they caught up with them after the movie?

Question 8

What were Johnny's parents doing when he tried to go into the house?

Question 9

Why did Darry and Ponyboy get into a fight, causing Pony to run from the house?

Question 10

Why did Johnny kill the Soc and what was the boy's name? Who played this character in the movie?

Question 11

What was one thing that Ponyboy got upset with Johnny about while they were hiding out?

Question 12

When Dallas came to see them at the church, why did he get mad?

Question 13

What caught the church on fire? How many kids did the guys save?

Question 14

Who portrayed the nurse in Dallas's hospital room?

Question 15

Which Soc did Darry pick as his opponent at the rumble? How did they know each other?

Question 16

Before the rumble, Ponyboy and Randy had a conversation. What realization had Randy come to because of the events of the last week?

Question 17

When Johnny was dying, what were his parting words to Dallas and Ponyboy?

Question 18

Why did Dallas want to die? What did he do to accomplish this? What weapon did he have?

Question 19

What was Johnny's parting gift to Ponyboy?

Question 20

What was the court verdict for the Curtis brothers?

Question 21

Why did Sodapop get upset and run out of the house at the end of the book?

Question 22

Why did Ponyboy always remember the poem, "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost?

Question 23

Who came to see Johnny in the hospital and why did he send them away?

Question 24

Who were the stars that played the leading Greasers?

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