The Phantom of the opera

emm do me quiz an lets c wat ye get

Question 1

Who is the Phantom of the Opera (2004)?

Question 2

who is the actor of christine in the phantom of the opera?

Question 3

Who is this?

Question 4

What was the name of The phantom of the opera

Question 5

In Phantom of the Opera, what does the Phantom crush in his hands on the roof of the Opera House?

Question 6

True or false, all of the cast of Phantom of the Opera (2005) did their own singing except for Minnie Driver?

Question 7

what is the name of the phantom in the film phantom of the opera starring gerard butler ?

Question 8

Name the actor and actress who starred as the mysterious phantom and the beautiful voiced Christine in the Movie version of "The Phantom of the Opera"?

Question 9

how many candles were unlit in the phantom of the opera during the performance of the song Phantom of the Opera?

Question 10

Who plays the phantom in the movie of Phantom Of The Opera and where is he from?

Question 11

In the movie "Phantom of the Opera" which box does the Phantom request be left open

Question 12

Both Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum were huge fans of the musical Phantom of the Opera before being cast in the film version, and had seen it performed on stage over 100 times between the two of them.

Question 13

In the phantom of the opera, what was the name of christine's friend

Question 14

How many times is the phantom actually seen in the movie " The Phantom of the Opera" ?

Question 15

In what scene in the 2004 version of The Phantom of the Opera does the Phantom get unmasked?

Question 16

What does the phantom leave on Christine's grave at the end of The Phantom of The Opera?

Question 17

How many times does the phantom and christine sing together in the movie the phantom of the opera?

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