The "Ryan Reynolds" Quiz

The "quiz" about "Ryan Reynolds". Its not rocket science.

Question 1

What do the following 3 actors/actress have in common? Adam Sandler, Ryan Reynolds and Gwyneth Paltrow

Question 2

Are Burt Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds somehow related

Question 3

True or False? Ryan Reynolds stars in a movie with Jessica Simpson.

Question 4

What movie stars Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart?

Question 5

In the beginning of "Just Friends", what song is Chris (Ryan Reynolds) doing lyp-sync on?

Question 6

Ryan Reynolds Looked Like This In What Movie?

Question 7

Before the movie 'Just Friends', Ryan Reynolds starred in which television show?

Question 8

This movie starring Ryan Reynolds shows a day in the life of a resturant.

Question 9

In the movie "Waiting" with Ryan Reynolds, what is the highest scoring move in the "penis game"?

Question 10

Which blade movie did Ryan Reynolds lend his talent for?

Question 11

In the movie Blade Trinity, what was Ryan Reynolds caracther called?

Question 12

Ryan Reynolds gained 25 pounds of muscle for his role as Hannibal King? True or False?

Question 13

Vancouver born Ryan Reynolds got noticed as a perpetual student in which movie?

Question 14

what does ryan reynolds' character in smoking aces do for a living?

Question 15

In what movie does Ryan Reynolds plan elaborate heists?

Question 16

In what film did Ryan Reynolds play a serious character living in a haunted house?

Question 17

Which of the following movies does not feature Ryan Reynolds?

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