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Questions start off easy, then get fairly difficult.

Question 1

In the "Pin Pals" episode, what was Otto trying to retrieve from the crane game?

Question 2

In the Treehouse of Horror XIV episode, what were Lenny and Carl doing when Bart and Milhouse first froze time together?

Question 3

In the Treehouse of Horror XIV, what did Grandpa say when he was ignited into flames?

Question 4

As her reward for helping "Unkie Herb" develop the "Baby Translator 2000," what did Maggie ask for?

Question 5

Which game show earned the stranded Simpson family tickets from Japan back to America?

Question 6

In the Treehouse of Horror XIV episode, when Homer is running away from God, what does God say?

Question 7

How many pages was Krusty's autobiography?

Question 8

If the plant ye wish to flee, go to Sector . . .

Question 9

In the Treehouse of Horror XIV episode, who's soul does Homer harvest when Lisa brings him in to talk about his job?

Question 10

Who wrote Krusty's autobiography?

Question 11

In the Treehouse of Horror XIV, Bart and Milhouse look through a box of comics. Which of these comics did they find?

Question 12

The "First Annual Montgomery Burns Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence" awards its winner with:

Question 13

In the Treehouse of Horror XIV, how much was the Miracle Watch that stopped time?

Question 14

Which President was on the trillion dollar bill?

Question 15

What is Fat Tony's first name?

Question 16

Which pill keeps the old folks from screaming?

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