The Story of the Stone

Girls in The Story of the Stone(红楼梦) 金陵十二钗

Question 1

She is one of the most important girl in The Story of the Stone. And Poem says: 可叹停机德,堪怜咏絮才。 玉带林中挂,金簪雪里埋。 Who is she?

Question 2

Also one of the most important girl in this novel,and at last she married Jia Bao yu(贾宝玉). Who is she?

Question 3

二十年来辨是非,榴花开处照宫闱。 三春争及初春景,虎兔相逢大梦归。 The oldest one in the four "Spring" sisters,and a imperial concubine, What's her name?

Question 4

才自清明志自高,生于末世运偏消。 清明涕泣江边望,千里东风一梦遥。 She was married a rajah, with a tragic ending. Who is she?

Question 5

The poem discibes her like this: 富贵又何为?襁褓之间父母违。 展眼吊斜辉,湘江水逝楚云飞。 A girl with very sonsy character and always have fun with all her friends. But at last she had a bad marriage. Who is she?

Question 6

Poem describes like this: 欲洁何曾洁,云空未必空。 可怜金玉质,终陷淖泥中。 A young nun with hair. What's her name?

Question 7

子系中山狼,得志便猖狂。 金闺花柳质,一载梦黄梁。 The second one of the four "Spring" sisters. Who is this girl?

Question 8

Poem says: 堪破三春景不常,缁衣顿改昔年妆。 可怜秀户侯门女,独卧青灯古佛旁。 She is the youngest one of the four "Spring" sisters,and she didn't marry but been a nun. What's her name?

Question 9

Poem describes her life like this: 凡鸟偏从末世来,都知爱慕此生才。 一从二令三人木,哭向金陵事可哀。 A woman with good administrative talent,but at last she died of her own smart. Who is this woman?

Question 10

She is the daughter of the above woman. What's her name?

Question 11

Poem says: 桃李春风结子完,到头谁似一盆兰? 如冰水好空相妒,枉与他人作笑谈。 She is a young widow, and she has son named Jia Lan(贾 兰). Who is this woman?

Question 12

Poem describes: 情天情海幻情身,情既相逢必主淫。 慢言不肖皆荣出,造衅开端实在宁。 She penetrated love and this mortal life and hung herself at last. Who is she?

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