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Question 1

Vinne Jones, Jason Statham, and Jason Flemyng have been in how many movies together

Question 2

Which of the following films does NOT star Jason Statham?

Question 3

In "Crank" Jason Statham tells his girlfriend that he is a....

Question 4

what does jason statham take in crank?

Question 5

Which of these movies did Jason Statham not appear in ?

Question 6

Which of these films did Jason Statham NOT appear?

Question 7

This is from which 2006' Jason Statham film?

Question 8

What car does Jason Statham drive in the Transporter 2?

Question 9

Jason Statham does a lot of his own stunts.

Question 10

what was the name of Jason Statham in the film Statch?

Question 11

True or False the actor Jason Statham was born in London.

Question 12

In what movie does Jason Statham have to keep his adrinaline moving?

Question 13

Jason Statham of THE TRANSPORTER fame is from which country

Question 14

This is the poster for which 2005' Jason Statham film?

Question 15

what magazine did actor Jason Statham appear on the cover of in March of 2006?

Question 16

which film involved jason statham, brad pitt and vinnie jones

Question 17

Which actress has starred with Nicolas Cage, Jason Statham and Will Smith?

Question 18

Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro, and Vinnie Jones all star in this film.

Question 19

What Olympic event did Jason Statham place 12th in at the world championships in 1992?

Question 20

In What Movie Did Jason Statham Play An Ex Millitary Driver Out To Save Illegal Immigrants?

Question 21

Name this 2007 Jet Li/ Jason Statham movie.

Question 22

What color caravan does Brad Pitt offer Jason Statham in the movie Snatch?

Question 23

Which rapper has been in a movie with both Mark Wahlberg and Jason Statham???

Question 24

What movie has Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, and Andre Benjamin?

Question 25

Which movie does Jason Statham keeps mentioning about "Zee Germans"?

Question 26

Jason Statham and Matthew Modine have never appeared in a film together.

Question 27

Who is this british actor he was in Executive Decision and he's in the 2008' Jason Statham film The Bank Job?

Question 28

In Transporter 3, what type of vehicle does Frank Martin (Jason Statham) drive?

Question 29

What movie did Jason Statham Star in in which his profession was moving dangerous goods with no questions asked?

Question 30

Why do Jason Statham and his partner visit the Pikey camp in the movie Snatch?

Question 31

Which of these movies does NOT star or feature Jason Statham?

Question 32

In the movie Crank, who is in the hospital telling Jason Statham to take the nasal spray?

Question 33

In the movie "The Transporter", what is actually inside the bag that Jason Statham is paid to transport?

Question 34

What did they inject Jason Statham with at the beginning of Crank?

Question 35

Mark Wahlberg, and Jason Statham in Paramount's "The Italian Job" (2003). Identify the actress:

Question 36

In the film THE TRANSPOTER does Jason Statham star with Shu Qi and Francois Berleand

Question 37

Mark Wahlberg Charlize Theron Donald Sutherland Jason Statham Seth Green Mos Def Edward Norton

Question 38

Which character was ultimately Jake's (played by Jason Statham) biggest enemy in Guy Ritchie's 2005 film "Revolver?"

Question 39

Which of the following starred in the movie "London," with Jason Statham and Scott Speedman?

Question 40

Chris Evans appears in which of the following two movies, alongside Jason Statham?

Question 41

Jason Statham was an actual street vendor/selling merchandise on the street when he met writer/director Guy Ritchie and was cast in which movie?

Question 42

Both Vin Diesel and Jason Statham were offered the role of Agent 47 in the Hitman (2007) movie. Who eventually took the role?

Question 43

Who is this british actress she was in A Cock and Bull Story, the upcoming Jason Statham film The Bank Job and she's currently in the tv show ashes to ashes?

Question 44

who links all of these actors and actresses Queen Latifah Dougray Scott Ray Winstone Gary Oldman Jason Statham Jean Reno Milla Jovovich

Question 45

In which movie feature all of this actor:Wesley Snipes,Jason Statham,Ryan Phillippe,Justine Waddell and John Cassini?

Question 46

At the beginning of the 2008 film "Death Race," Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) has worked at a steel factory for 120 hours in the last two weeks. What is the amount, in cash, of his final paycheck?

Question 47

What 2004 action starred the following actors and actress? Kim Basinger, Chris Evans, Jason Statham, Eric Christian Olsen, Noah Emerich, William H. Macy

Question 48

What was the name of Jason Statham in the movie {IN THE NAME OF THE KING}

Question 49

Turkish: You take sugar? Brick Top: No thank you, Turkish; I'm sweet enough. What movie is this quote from? Hint: Turkish is played by Jason Statham.

Question 50

In the film Crank Jason Statham needs to keep his heart rate going so he initiates public sex with Amy Smart (who wouldn't); but what gets him really excited for the whole public sex act?

Question 51

what's Jason Statham name in this movie?

Question 52

In the new movie crank How does Jason statham`s character get epenephren(synthetic adrenaline)when the pharmicist refuses to give him some?

Question 53

What is the name of the film in which Jason Statham plays a boxing promoter named "Turkish"?

Question 54

True or False: Vinnie Jones and Jason Statham have NEVER been in a movie together.

Question 55

Name the movie where Jet Li and Jason Statham first appeared together

Question 56

Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) must keep his adrenaline up by any means necessary in order to stay alive in this movie.

Question 57

Chris Evans, Jessica Biel and Jason Statham all star in Cellular together, but what other movie do all three also appear in?

Question 58

In which movie does Jason Statham race against time to prevent his adrenaline from dropping because of an oriental poison he's been injected with?

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