The Wizards of Harry Potter

How well do you know the wizards of the popular book & movie series?

Question 1

When he's not catching snitches, this Hogwarts student is usually saving the day.

Question 2

Who is the first of Harry's schoolmates to steal his heart, despite being a part of the rival Hufflepuff house?

Question 3

Name the wizard who teaches Potions, is the head of the Slytherin house, and doesn't seem to like Harry very much?

Question 4

Who is the wise and lovable wizard who capably performs his duty as Headmaster of Hogwarts?

Question 5

Who is Harry's inseparable friend who seems to have all of the answers, both in times of need and in the classroom?

Question 6

Wrongfully expelled from Hogwarts as a student, who is the half-giant still hangs around school grounds making friends with large spiders and dragons and other magical creatures?

Question 7

Who is removed from her position as professor of Divination and very nearly thrown out of Hogwarts completely?

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