How well do you know the movie/book?

Question 1

In Edward and Bella's first scene of Eclipse (in the meadow) what question does Edward ask Bella?

Question 2

What condition to ungrounding Bella does Charlie give her?

Question 3

Why does Edward want Bella to go to Florida for the weekend to visit her mother?

Question 4

In the book when Edward disables Bellas truck he tells her to do what if she doesn't want him to come over that night?

Question 5

In the movie Jacob tells Bella that he knows she feels more for him than just friendship becasue he can sense how _______ he makes her.

Question 6

When Alice announces she is throwing a fun graduation party what is Bellas response?

Question 7

In the book Eclipse how many times does Bella stay over night at the Cullens?

Question 8

When Edward confronts Jacob about kissing Bella against her will what "little tip" does he give Jacob?

Question 9

In the book Eclipse when Bella finally agrees to marry Edward were do they plan to go to get married?

Question 10

In the movie Bella cuts her arm to distract Victoria and Riley from killing Edward like the third wife does. Does she cut herself in the book Eclipse too?

Question 11

True or False. In the book Eclipse Edward and Bella actually do have sex for the first time?

Question 12

In the movie what gift does Bellas mom give her?

Question 13

In the movie which Cullen is the first to suggest an army of Vampires is behind the killings in Seattle?

Question 14

What is Emmetts response to Bella when she tells him she punched a werewolf in the face?

Question 15

What is the release date for Breaking Dawn part 1?

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